Why You Should Care About Establishing Heart-Brain Coherence | AWB #64

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There are 3 distinct expressions of our Soul in this experience that we are having: body, mind, and heart; physical, mental, and emotional.

The degree of alignment between these 3 layers of our Being is directly associated with our carried sense of well-being. The greater the alignment between our thoughts, feelings, and actions; the greater that we feel.

Cultivating coherence in our brain (or mind) and heart is an endeavour that serves us in a multitude of ways.

Let’s talk about how:

1. Mental Clarity, Direction & Knowing

The heart has a mind of it’s own. Scientific research has been able to show that the heart has the ability to detect, respond to, and influence it’s environment, in isolation from the brain. Contrary to common belief, the brain isn’t as in control as one may think.

The communication that occurs between the heart and brain goes two-ways. Not only does the heart respond to signals from the brain, but the brain is actually also responding to signals from the heart. In fact, there are more signals being sent from the heart to the brain, than the other way around.

When the heart is functioning coherently,  it supports the brain in doing so as well. This state of heart-brain coherence is associated with improved cognitive function including greater ability to focus, increased creativity, and improved memory.

This enhanced cognitive function supported by heart-brain coherence provides us with a sense of mental clarity and direction in our life, and the ability to more effectively make decisions.

In a state of heart-brain coherence, the brain becomes better able to receive and align with the heart’s intelligence.

2. Positive Emotional States


So how do we establish this coherence? How can we begin getting our hearts and minds to begin working with one another.

The research has shown that cultivating and residing in positive emotional states such as gratitude, appreciation, and joy; is associated with a more coherently functioning heart. This can also be thought of as a two-way relationship; cultivating positive emotions supports the heart in functioning coherently, and being in a state of heart-brain coherences supports an individual in residing in positive-feeling emotions.

Knowing what we now know about the relationship between the heart and mind, we can begin to understand why we tend to make more effective decisions when we are in a emotional stable state, and are more likely to act out of alignment when in a stressful  state.

By learning to establish heart-brain coherence through cultivating a positive emotional state, we liken our ability to consistently reside in these positive emotions, as well as reap all of the other benefits to being in a state of coherence.

3. Improved Physical Health


There is a plethora of scientific evidence that has demonstrated an array of physiological benefits to being in a state of heart-brain coherence. Biomarkers for improved immune system functioning, decreased stress, increased energy, are all benefits associated with being in a state of coherence.

4. Improved Manifestation


When our heart and brain are working coherently with one another, our ability to create our realities is amplified. The ingredients to manifestation are intention + feeling. Combining a clear focused intention with positive and aligned emotions are the means by which a conscious creator creates their reality.

5. Feelings of Wholeness & Connectedness with the All


When we are residing in a state of heart-brain coherence, our nervous system knows that it can relax. The alternative is being in a state of fight-or-flight, in which many are subtly and unconsciously living much of their lives in. Being in such a state for prolonged periods is not only detrimental to our health and physiology, but it also keeps us from feeling whole,  centered, and connected with others and the world around us.

When we know that we can and have allowed ourselves to relax, we return to the present moment, and with this, feel a greater sense of connectedness with life. We are no longer living our lives feeling like we’re in need of addressing some unseen threat, which frees up our attention to be brought to fully experiencing and enjoying the present moment.

Ironically, when we are living presently in the moment, we also feel a greater sense of enthusiasm and confidence in our ability to consciously create our future realities. But rather than being fixated on some future moment and disconnected from the moment and world around you, one learns to embody their future in the now.

When our heart and brain is working coherently, we are more present, we feel whole, we feel better in our day-to-day life, and we are more eager for what’s to come..

A Meditation for Establishing Heart-Brain Coherence (Heart Centered Manifestation Activation)

A little while back I created a Heart Centered Manifestation Meditation. Being heart-centered is another way of saying being in a state of heart-brain coherence, and so I thought it appropriate to also share this meditation with you here.

This meditation will support you in activating your heart-centre (i.e. establishing heart-brain coherence), which as mentioned earlier in this post, is the key to your power to manifest as a conscious creator.

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