Experiencing Grace & Flow with Helia Sun | Awaken Ep. 25

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Greater flow and grace is what I’ve been cultivating within myself, and here is where it has brought me. Back in the swing of serving you through the Awaken podcast.

In our first episode back on Awaken, I am joined by someone that I have had the great pleasure of really getting to know over the past few weeks. Helia Sun is one of the amazing souls who has been playing an active part in our mission at the Ascend Academy. Having Helia bring her energy to the weekly Ascended Vibrations group sessions we have been having, has been an absolute blessing. In just this past month, I have gotten the chance to witness her stepping into sharing her truth more powerfully. To see someone who has already cultivated such deep awareness with themselves, begin to share more openly with others, has been incredible. 

She takes another one of these steps as she joins me to serve the Ascenders tribe through this conversation we had. In it, Helia shares with  us a profound perspectives on how we may cultivate greater grace and flow through a process of surrender, and how we may approach pain and conflict from a higher perspective. 

“Pain is a process of awakening” – Helia Sun

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