How to Feel, Allow, and Receive Your Desires

How to Feel, Allow, and Receive Your Desires

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It wouldn’t be happening for me if I didn’t believe that it was and it would.

In sharing my story as an entrepreneur, I sometimes am asked the question, “how were you able to quit your job when you did?”

To put things in to context: when I quit my personal training job back in 2017, I was doing reallywell. On a team of about 30, I was consistently performing in the top 5 trainers.

My business was growing steadily, my clients were getting great results, and I was building a positive reputation in the gym. Despite being in a great position and inline for a promotion, and just when nobody would’ve expected it, I quit.

I quit because I knew there was something bigger waiting for me, and I knew I would never feel truly fulfilled if I didn’t allow myself to move in the direction of my soul purpose.

At this point, my online (soul-centered) business, which I had started a few months prior, was starting to see a little bit of traction, but on paper it definitely looked like a premature decision. My income was about to take a huge cut and many thought I was making a mistake.

But in my mind the only mistake could have been to hold myself back from everything I truly wanted – everything I knew I could have.

You see, I was able to quit my job when I did, because I believed in myself, even when the confused looks on the people I explained my decision and vision to, suggested that they didn’t,

I believed in myself not because I had ever accomplished anything of the sort before, but because I had come to the important realization that accomplishing/creating anything begins with belief. In my experience and of those that I’ve studied, it has become clear to me that belief is at the foundation of all success, and is also something that can be cultivated.

The individual who believes there is opportunity available is the one who sees it, and the one who believes their actions will be rewarded is the one who takes it.

But there is far more that is happening in the Being and experience of one who is operating in a state of faith and expectation..

Receiving Mode

Being optimistic is of course inherently beneficial, simply because it feels better than the alternative, but I am also here to tell you that you are being supported by Source in extraordinary ways.  No matter where you are or how you may currently feel, it’s all happening for you, and tuning into the frequency of this truth will bring to you even more reason to believe so.

The moment we give rise to a new desire, Source and our Higher Selves sets forth in motion the movement of these desires towards us – it’s all being made available to you. Experiencing these desires then becomes about dropping the resistance and receiving them fully.

Experiencing our desires is matter of dropping our resistance to them, and shifting into a state of receiving

We enter “receiving mode” through feeling. You don’t need to think about any of this, and you certainly don’t need to struggle, all you must do is focus on feeling into your desired experience – i.e tuning into feeling the ways you wish to feel.

Allow and move into the feeling, and the physical counterparts will follow.

I’ve been an entrepreneurial lightworker for about 2 years now, and believe me when I say I’ve spent my fair share of time in the “grind” fighting to make it happen, and I’ve come to realize that it’s the frequency beneath my actions that really matters. When I’ve acted from emotional states of fear and lack (which I certainly have), no matter how hard I work, struggle breeds more struggle.

But something interesting always happens when I remember to let go and flow. When it’s no longer about getting somewhere that I’m not, or thinking about what I want that I don’t have, and rather I make it about feeling into all the great feelings, and enjoying the moment and process fully, I feel myself shift. This shift begins internally, and soon propels me into inspired action, and a state of flow in my purpose.

I now know this is where our power lies as creators. Still, it’s funny to look back and see that the best results I’ve seen in my business is when I stopped trying (and started allowing).

It’s happening for me, and it IS for you too. Do you see it?

Are you Ready to Feel, Allow, & Receive?

If you’re ready to feel, allow, and receive desires, and would like some support in doing so, feel free to book in for a free Alignment-Activation session down below. In this session we will connect to your Higher Self and address the blocks that may be getting in the way of you living out your highest timeline.

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