Find Your Truth in Absolute Creative Potential with Katrina Trigg & The Wisdom Keepers | Awaken Ep. 49

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During these interesting and transitionary times, many are left with a lot of unanswered questions of what the future might hold. Katrina Trigg and The Wisdom Keepers are here to help you find truth in the only place that it can be found; within you. Because it’s within you that you’ll find Absolute Creative Potential.
Katrina Trigg has known her rock-bottom. Having dealt with severe alcoholism for most of her 20’s, Karina eventually hit a point where things just couldn’t keep going the way they were. It was hitting this point that led her on to the beautiful journey of surrender that she is now on. 
“Surrender, surrender, and surrender again.” Katrina tells us, that when we release our idea of what we think life should be, we open up to so much more – we open up to the Infinite Creative Potential of God. It has been Karina’s ability to cultivate faith and trust in this that has allowed her the beautiful experience that has been unfolding for her, and for her to have opened up as a channel for a collective consciousness who refer to themselves as The Wisdom Keepers.
If you’re ready to be inspired to find your truth and the Absolute Creative Potential within you, join us for this episode of Awaken with Karina Trigg and The Wisdom Keepers.

In This Episode katrina & I explore:

  • tuning into the vibration of past experiences and allowing for stuck emotional/creative energy to move
  • Karina’s rock-bottom story that led into a beautiful journey of surrender
  • finding trust and faith in your natural state of peace and abundance
  • allowing for the expulsion of absolute creative potential
  • a live channeling and an important message from the Wisdom Keepers during this transitionary times

Resources Mentioned IN THIS EPISODE

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