Mindset Expert: How To Overcome Challenges, Follow-Through & Achieve Your Goals with Natascha Schulmeister | AWB #90

Natascha Schulmeister was told she would be unlikely to ever run long-distances due to  major injuries. She was told that she didn’t have the ‘right body-type’ to compete in bodybuilding. She’s faced trauma and years of feeling unworthy. Since then, she has: competed and placed in a bodybuilding competition, is well on her way to completing a marathon, and has become a coach helping others become unbreakable through mindset, movement, and nutrition.

Natascha Schulmesiter is a coach, an athlete, and a healer who helps purpose driven humans to heal, grow, and create freedom. She’s had clients achieve outcomes like quitting smoking after years of failing and healing their relationship with food, their body, and themselves.

In this conversation, Natascha and Bryan get into a mindset-expanding conversation in which they explore topics including: how to follow-through we can build a sense of self-trust, how to hear and build a relationship with the voice of your soul, and how to expand your mindset to achieve things that you once didn’t think were possible. You’ll hear practical strategies for overcoming your perceived limitations and following through to achieve your goals.

You’re about to hear from someone who has proven first-hand that we are capable of so much more than we imagine (or what we may’ve been told), and is an expert on how we can elevate our mindset to discover this for ourselves. Tune in to this episode of Awaken with Natascha Schulmeister to discover why mindset matters, and how you can cultivate one of a winner.

In This Episode Bryan & Natascha Discuss:

(*Note: Timestamps below are for the video episode, and are all 30 second later in the audio version)

  •  Natascha’s story of going through trauma and not feeling worthy (05:20)
  •  Finding hope, taking responsibility, and building self-trust (17:45)
  •  Hearing and building a relationship with the voice of your heart and soul (29:05)
  •  The daily intention-setting and reflection practice that Natascha used to build a relationship with herself and change (35:41)
  •  A presence hack (45:50)
  •  Overcoming the fear that you’re not enough by showing up and discovering that you are (51:56)
  •  Challenging yourself, following-through, and breaking through what you believed was possible for you (1:07:09)
  •  Why mindset matters (1:20:56)

Notable Quotes

(*Note: Timestamps below are for the video episode, and are all 30 second later in the audio version)

“The moment your trauma happened is the only moment it truly existed, and everything past that point is your responsibility.” (19:34)

“Consistency isn’t about perfection, it’s about persistence.” (37:11)

“Action is the cure to self-doubt, and action is also the motivator. People often ask, ‘What motivates you to keep going?’ It’s the action itself. Once you start moving, once you start doing, you find reasons to continue. You find the motivation in the progress, in the small wins, and in the changes you see in yourself. It’s not about waiting for motivation to strike; it’s about creating it through action.” (1:07:06)

“Your mindset can get you through any single challenge that you’re going. Your mindset can also take you down deeper. You have to choose what depth you’re going to, am I going into depth of love or am I going into depth of portraying self-hate? It’s powerful either way, it can destroy you or it can build you into something that is beyond anything that you can ever imagine.” (1:22:22)

“Our current mindset dictates what we believe is possible for us, and that’s what we’ll experience as being possible. But when we we open up and expand our mindset to greater possibility, then those those possibilities become possible for us yeah” (1:23:48)

“Improving myself over proving myself has been the biggest shift for me recently.” (12:27:26)

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