Remember Your Soul’s Cosmic Origins with Julia Balaz | AWB #88

Julia Balaz is the creator of Galactic Astrology. For many years Julia felt guided to meticulously study Astrological Charts of her clients AFTER their regression hypnosis (QHHT) sessions. She was looking for some verification on Extra-terrestrial information that was coming up in so many sessions. After analyzing over two thousand natal charts, Julia came to some breakthrough realizations. She is now here sharing her research data that confirms epic cosmic orchestration and influence of deep space objects on our lives in support of our collective evolution.

As the creator and a pioneer of Galactic Astrology in our current era, Julia has designed a tool to help us understand our unique soul complexities and cosmic origins. This tool is proving to be powerful in helping people release self-doubt, find clarity around who they are and why they are here, so that they can embody the highest possible frequency of love and light for the benefit of our magnificent planet and the entire Universe.

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In This Episode You Will Discover..

  • The mission that ‘starseeds’ are on here on Earth on
  • Overcoming doubt related to remembering your galactic origins
  • The remarkably recurring types of experiences and messages Julia witnessed in 7 years of client QHHT (hypnosis)
  • How to use Galactic Astrology to support your Ascension Process
  • How to use your Heart and body to tune into your own inner knowing and navigate your own journey

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