Living in Awe & Growing through Resistance with Julian Raimondo | Awaken Ep. 54

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There is growth on the other end of resistance, and there is always the opportunity to grow. Living with presence and in state of awe and gratitude, opens up our awareness to see these opportunities, to then undergo this growth. In this episode of Awaken, we are joined by my good friend Julian “Jules” Raimondo, who invites us to live in awe and grow through the resistance.
This is the journey of experiencing the fullness of your infinite potential and expansion of your essence.

In This Episode Jules & I Explore:

  • the effect that living in a state of presence and gratitude has on seeing and making the most of opportunities
  • the way that moving into resistance can serve us in our growth
  • practicing voluntary discomfort to experience your ambition, greatness, and determination
  • experiencing the “fullness” of your potential
  • the type of growth that becomes an expansion of our essence
  • following the call of our life force

Our Guest: Jules Raimondo

Julian Raimondo is a lover of philosophy and all things creative with a huge appetite for story telling. He has spent the last ten years as a personal trainer, lifestyle facilitator and coach at Power of Two Studios which he owned and operated alongside his sister while simultaneously working as an actor. During that time, he developed a keen mind/body awareness and sheer enjoyment of the exploration of it, and is drawn to the better understanding of “who”, “what”, and “why” he is. With an incredible curiosity for life and “fitness” in an all encompassing and holistic manner (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) and passion for learning/connecting with others, he wanders this world looking for the answers to those questions while trying to make sense of it all, just like everyone else.

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