Healing Emotional Trauma to Experience Oneness with Grace Galazagorry | Awaken Ep. 48

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“The engagement of the heart is the avenue to freedom”
All disease/disorder begins in the vibrational realm and stems from emotional trauma. This trauma gets stored on a cellular level obstructing in us the flow of our greatest power and state. When these traumas are cleared, a experiential sense of Oneness naturally emerges. Grace Galazagorry is here to share with us her profound experience and understandings to help you heal your cellular emotional traumas to experience Oneness once again.
Grace who has an incredible story of her own personal healing, feels a deep and strong connection with Mother Earth. Her role during this time of ascension largely has to do with clearing away the collective traumas residing in the Earth and collective consciousness. Her experience with doing so has allowed for this deep experiential sense of Oneness to organically emerge through her. With this, her understanding and ability to assist others with healing their cellular/emotional trauma has been a natural download.
In this episode, Grace and I get into a profound and informative conversation that will help you experience this sense of Oneness for yourself. This is an experience of well-being and Oneness that runs deeper than the conceptual understanding that we are all connected, and is something that is felt viscerally and through the heart. As you’ll soon learn, it’s by fully engaging the heart and reconnecting to the Divine Intelligence of the body that we do so.
Later into our conversation, we begin to explore a deeper understanding of the transition into a higher vibrational field that Mother Earth (and us along with her) are undergoing. Coinciding this transition is the emergence of the crystalline consciousness characterized by love-light in place of the consciousness of density and fear that still exists on our planet today. Grace, and many other believe that this also marks the transition into the “new human”; homo luminous. This is akin to what some have been referring to as the light-body. If you also shared a eagerness towards more deeply understanding what might just be taking place on our planet and in our bodies through this ascension process, you’re going to want to stick around to the end of this one.
This is the emergence of a sense of Oneness, the Divine Feminine, crystalline consciousness, and the greatest power there is: the power of Love.

In This Episode Grace & I Explore:


  • the way that emotional trauma from both past and current lifetimes gets stored on a cellular level, and how we can go about clearing this trauma
  • Grace’s incredible story and relationship with both her own healing and healing the collective traumas residing in Mother Earth
  • the experiential sense of Oneness that emerges through healing our emotional trauma, fully engaging the heart, dropping into the formless
  • accessing and allowing for the Divine Intelligence and impulses of the body, to determine what is out of alignment and be liberated
  • a spontaneous and powerful solar plexus healing transmission that took place during our call
  • the dance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and the roles that each of them play
  • the emergence of crystalline consciousness and the homo luminious, the new human
  • reconnecting to our bodies and the truest power there is: the power of love

Our Guest: Grace Galazagorry

Grace’s multidimensional being anchors an accelerated crystalline ascension portal on Earth for humanity, all life forms, & for our beloved Mother Earth. This inter-dimensional portal facilitates the embodiment of love by lifting deep DNA trauma blocks while simultaneously providing support, guidance, & stability for the evolutionary journey home to love. Through healing & clearing of countless lifetimes of trauma & ancestral patterning, density of the physical body purifies, allowing the cells to organically transform into Love & Light. As the flow of love is renewed in the body, many unconscious separation patterns & diseases are healed, restoring our original Divine blueprint of wholeness & Union.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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