How Others Receive Your Information | The Arcturian Council and Spirit Guides

How Others Receive Your Information | The Arcturian Council and Spirit Guides

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As always, set an intention to receive this message through your heart space?

See transcript below.

The Arcturian Council:

We want to come to you (we wish to examine something with Yolanda and with you) about the nature of relationships. We wish to examine and survey, or perhaps impart this information upon you about your concern over who will receive… or who will understand what it is you are trying to convey. We wish to tell you today to give up this desire to fulfill someone else’s obligation of receiving the information.

This information is virtual… is energetic in nature. And in being energetic in nature, the information will find its way to the observer, to the receiver, in its own time… as the receiver and the observer (the human who you are interacting with)… it will find its way into the field of this human and integrate on the terms that the human, the observer, the perceiver requires. This is of no consequence to you in terms of whether or not you have done your job. We use the term job in the way that you think of work, so we will use it loosely understanding the connotation of the word job.

But we understand that you are anxious… lovingly anxious and willing to fulfill your purpose. And excited about what it is you understand and know, and wish to impart the information. And we say to you, steady yourself and be not as concerned as you have been about the result, especially in real time. We ask that you continue to be excited about this and be in your knowing that this information will be received. Your duty as Wayshowers, which you have lovingly taken upon yourselves is fulfilled. It’s beautiful. You will continue to fulfill this.

We wish to tell you, and for you to understand, that you should expand yourself beyond the ego in terms of not needing the satisfaction of knowing immediately how your information [is] (or whether it was) received. But instead to understand that the healing takes place on a quantum level, and intend it so. Because in your intention and your knowing of what you BE and ARE and what you are capable of… in that lies the result. In that lies the healing. In that lies the process by which the observer integrates it. It is a relationship, so therefore your strength lies in your belief and your willingness to continue this journey. We love you so much.

We are the Arcturian Council and with Yolanda’s Spirit Guides.

End Transmission.

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