How to Discover Your Purpose with Bryan M. Henry | AWB #79

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 It’s one of life’s big questions, one that unites us all. Because, we all arrive at a point in our journey where we begin to ask the question: “what is my purpose?”

In this Awaken with Bryan solo episode, I share with you 5 tips that have supported me in my journey of coming into alignment with my purpose. Whether you’re still trying to discover your purpose, or are ready to discover a new level to it, these tips are here to support you.

In This Episode I Explore:

  • The most important question you could ask yourself to find clarity around your purpose

  • 2 things that you should release if you want to connect to this knowing

  • Why listening, embracing change, and taking risks are all key

  • 5 tips that will help you discover (the next level) to your purpose

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