How to Manifest Your Highest Experience of Reality (+ Guided Meditation)

How to Manifest Your Highest Experience of Reality (+ Guided Meditation)

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You are deserving of a fulfilling and joyous experience of reality. This quality and type of experience is both available to you and within your power to consciously create.

You are the creator of your own reality and you are infinite in your potential. There is nothing you cannot do or be.

If you are in anyway feeling as though your life could be or is meant to be “more”, I encourage you to look upon this moment as a turning point. Things begin to get better from here.

From this point on, you will be bringing improved focus and energy towards manifesting your highest experience.

It Begins With Your State

It begins with your state. Your reality is reflecting to you a physical representation of your state of being. That which is being held in your personal energetic field gets projected into the reality that you create/experience.

In this way, your physical reality acts as a mirror that becomes the greatest teacher of who you are, how you are feeling, and who you are being. We are always being guided to look within ourselves.

To look within and discover where in our beings we can be more loving of ourselves.

It’s A Journey/Process of Returning to Self-Love

Expanding/ascending/returning back to Love, is the journey that we are on. Love for Self, Love for All.

In our highest state/experience we reside in Unconditional Love. Love is acceptance.

We are being called toward and guided in loving, accepting, and embracing all aspects of ourselves and this present moment. As we move into this, as we remember who we are, we ascend in our state and experience. Our energetic frequency rises, we shift into greater states of Being, and the energies of our reality begin to transmute/transform into a greater experience of reality.

Want to manifest your highest experience of reality? Start with your state, and return to Unconditional Love.

Simplify it to this, and know that in doing so, you are in your highest experience.

A Free Self-Love Guided Meditation

To assist you in returning to a sense of self-love, I have created this guided meditation. Simply fill in your name and email below to access the meditation, as well as receive a free download of the MP3 recording of the Self-Love Guided Meditation.

Manifesting The Higher Experience
Through Self-Love (FREE Guided Meditation)

Enter your information below to unlock access to this free guided meditation that will assist your in manifesting the higher experience from a state of self-love.

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