How to Raise Your Vibration & Shift Timelines with Daniel Scranton | Awaken Ep. 53

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There is a past and future that syncs up with the moment and vibration that you’re in, and it’s in your power to choose the reality that you are living in. You get to choose what timeline you are residing on, and you do so through shifting your vibration. And in this of the Awaken Podcast, we are joined once again by Daniel Scranton who’s here to help us better understand how we go about doing so.
Daniel, who is a highly renowned channel has been greatly exposed to the messages and teachings of a wide-array of higher dimensional Beings and collectives. His experience has afforded him a deeper understanding of higher dimensional frequencies and our power as the creators of our own reality (Check out Ep. 32 of Awaken: What is it like in the 5th Dimension (5D)? with Daniel Scranton). Each and every time I am joined by Daniel on the show, I find myself be elevated by his insight and way of speaking to things.
So if you’re also ready to raise your vibration and shift to a higher timeline, join us for this episode of Awaken.
[P.S. If you’ve yet to check out/subscribe to Daniel’s daily channelings, I highly recommend you do so.]

In This Episode Daniel & I Explore:

  • the way that having and honouring “external motivations” can invoke inspiration
  • Daniel’s thoughts on the concerns that others are expressing around COVID vaccines possibly being able to alter DNA
  • choosing the timeline we are residing on through shifting our vibration
  • the joy that comes from doing and experiencing mastery
  • how to discover the things that will support us in raising our vibration
  • getting in touch with, processing, and activating the feelings we wish to feel

Our Guest: Daniel Scranton

Daniel Scranton is a verbal channel, spiritual teacher, and sound healer. He channels, a wide array of guides and collectives, including: the 12th dimensional non-physical collective known as The Creators, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Quan Yin, Yeshua, The Hathors, The Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and The Arcturian Council. He also has the ability to channel healing tones and overtones, and works with light languages and galactic light codes. Daniel works with individuals one-on-one and in groups, and teaches a variety of classes, including channelling classes. His daily channelings can be found all over the internet, as well as at

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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