How to Use the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar As a Spiritual Development Tool with Andra Vișan | Awaken Ep. 57

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There is a reason why ancient cultures were far more in-tune with the cyclical and infinite nature of time, and the cycles that exists in nature. There is great benefit found in being attuned to, and able to observe these cycles that exists within both our lives and our worlds. The Mayan Dreamspell Calendar is a powerful tool for doing so, and if used well, can be a powerful tool for personal and personal development.
In this episode of Awaken with Bryan, I am joined by my friend Andra Visan for my third rendition of Mayan Dreamspell Calendar 101. This is the third time that Andra, who is an absolute expert of the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar, is taking me through beginners training, and I thought it would be this time that we had you join in on the conversation too. Because, as you’ll be discovering for yourself, this calendar can help reveal a great deal about ourselves and the nature of time – wisdom that if applied can support us in our growth.
So if you’re ready to understand time as cyclical and infinite dimension, and to learn from a Dreamspell Calendar expert how you can use this information and calendar to cultivate self-awareness and integrate your shadows into light, let’s div-ine to this episode Awaken with Andra Vișan.
If you’d like to find out your Galactic Dream Signature and follow along with the kin of each day, these are two you apps you can use to do so: 13-20 Sync (for Iphone) and Dreamspell Calendar (for Android).

In This Episode Andra I Explore:

  • the way that the Gregorian Calendar and how the perspective of time as being linear limits us
  • recognizing time as the 4th dimension and the benefit in understanding its cyclical and infinite nature
  • why many ancient cultures were far more in-tune with the cycles of nature than modern society, and how this served them
  • the benefits to observing the cyclical nature of our lives
  • the different components of a day’s “kin” and how to understand your Galatic Dreamspell Signature
  • how to use the Mayan Dreamspell calendar as a personal development tool from which you can observe, learn, and integrate a great deal about yourself.


Andra Visan, born in Romania, passionate about self-development, healing, understanding the human psyche and patterns. Once she discovered the Dreamspell Calendar, she found all her interests merging into one powerful tool. She started studying the Dreamspell Calendar, based on the ancient Mayan calendar, after experiencing a profound synchronicity on the Mayan new year in july 2017. This profound experience made her feel the need to understand how this calendar works, so she began reading everything she could find on this topic.
Following the calendar and the guidance she received through it, she found herself on the footsteps of the Mayan pyramids, just a few months after the Mayan new year. After returning from two months spent in Mexico, she began dedicating most of her time to teach others about the calendar as well, doing educational videos, workshops and one-on-one decoding sessions. The magic that came into her life since connecting with the calendar completely changed her being and her perception of reality, which is why she wanted to help as many people as possible to connect with the infinite wisdom of the calendar.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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