I’m Going on a Vision Quest | Awaken Ep. 30

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I’m going on a vision quest.
A vision quest is a rite of passage and spiritual journey found in various Indigenous cultures. On a vision quest, one goes out into isolation to seek and receive guidance and strength from Spirit, In some cultures, this marks the transformation (and to some, the death) of an individual, to be reborn anew.
Later this week I will be embarking on a vision quest of my own. I have plans to spend 4 days, and 3 nights alone in a small cabin located in remote area out in nature, whilst also undergoing a water fast (consumption of nothing but water). 
Prolonged periods of fasting of this nature has been backed by both scientific and ample anecdotal evidence as being a beneficial practice. These benefits span all layers of being; mind, body, and spirit.
I will likely spend some more time in the future speaking to the benefits that one may reap from prolonged fasting, but for the time being I feel inclined to keep this simple. Because the truth is, the core reason for why I’m doing this is simply because it feels right too.
More and more my experience has been pointing me in the direction of simplifying things to Now, and acting in alignment with what I believe to be the highest expression of Self in and of this present moment. I’m going on this journey because I feel called too, and my truest intention is to be that which is an alignment with my highest knowing and self.
I do also know that the experiences recounted by countless spiritual aspirants and teachings speak to the way that this type of journey can be a wildly transformational one. Without the plethora of mental stimuli that we are subject to in our day to day lives out of the picture, it minimizes the distractions; distractions that inhibit one from seeing deeply inside themselves. With the mental and physical “channels” cleared, the inner voice, the higher guidance has greater space to flow.
Below, is a more detailed intention I have set going into this experience:
My intention for this journey is to integrate my 5D Higher Self into this Earth Vessel. I also intend on becoming more conscious of communication with my spirit guides and team, and Beings of my galactic family. During my time in isolation, I will be actively seeking out this communication and connection.
At this time, this is all I feel called to share about this experience I am walking into. I may or may not wish to share more after my quest.

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