A Common Blockage of Financial Abundance

A Common Blockage of Financial Abundance


Your concerns of financial worries hold you back from that which you desire. You are abundant, and this is separate from the number you see in your bank account. Abundance cannot be taken away from you.

Your desire for money in and of itself is not an issue. Your stressful thoughts around not having enough, this, however, is in your best interest to address.

Many of our Higher Selves are choosing the experience of having to deal with these patterns prior to receiving the financial wealth that is being pursued. The lesson of gratitude and acceptance is more effectively integrated when you are made to cultivate this state while experiencing a financial situation that is less than “ideal”.

It is in learning to be grateful and at ease that will put you in a state of receiving.

Let me say this again, gratitude and ease puts you in a state to receive.

Practice cultivating this state. Practice unconditional acceptance. Practice feeling abundant and you will be.

Bryan is the Founder of Together We Ascend (TWA), and does not like writing about himself in the third-person.
What’s up Ascender!? I am on a mission to support humanity in its ascension. To this aim I created the TWA community to bring together Ascenders who have also connected to this purpose. I also work with lightworkers 1-on-1 to help them align with their Higher Self and purpose and grow their very own impactful brand.
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