Integrate Your Soul & Show Up In Your Greatest Service with Brooklin Rayne | Awaken Ep. 43

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This ascension process is one of integrating your soul in all of its bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This is a process of bringing home all the aspects of self that we may have pushed away. Through this process of soul integration, we become a clearer channel to communicate with and fully express our Higher Self/I AM Presence, and we begin to show up in greater ways. Show up for ourSELVES, and in our greatest service to all others.

Brooklin Rayne is back again for another powerful episode of Awaken. She’s a clear intuitive channel herself, and with this, the potency to the information that Brooklin shares definitely addresses a higher level of awareness. But I know those of you that are tuning in are ready for this. I know that you’re ready to integrate your soul and show up in your greatest. 

In This Episode Brooklin & I Discuss:

  • Ascension as a process of integrating soul fragments and bringing home all aspects of Self
  • Releasing judgement and coming from neutrality as to transmute emotional/energetic densities
  • Becoming a clearer channel to transmute greater amounts of energy for the collective
  • Showing up for yourSELF and in your greatest service to all others
  • Recognizing the false matrix program of self-sacrifice that disguises itself as service to others
  • Checking in with your Diamond Crystal Heart Complex: the center seed of your existence
  • Our upgraded human suits: the positive changes taking place in our physical bodies as we ascend and activate our light-body

Our Guest: Brooklin Rayne

Brooklin Rayne is an intuitive channel and a members of the Chrisos Ascend Master Collective She has experienced many incarnations with the Sophia Christ collective, Lyran Sirian Whites, Oraphim, Ancient Pleiadians, and Hathors. Through her diamond sun crystal structure, she assists humans to return their original divine blueprint combined with their Christos template, allowing a fuller embodiment of the I AM presence and Unity consciousness.

Resources Mentioned:

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