It’s Time for the SHIFT

It’s Time for the SHIFT

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The masses are still largely tuned into the false programs involving fear, perception of separation, and feelings of lack and inadequacy. You came here to first tune into these programs yourself, to experience what they were like, to meet us where we are at, so you could be THE SHIFT.

It’s time family, for us to rise above these outdated paradigms, and bring in the higher perspective.

I’s time for us to remember who and what we are.

It’s time for us to remember our place in the Universe, as the Infinite Beings we are. 

It’s time for us to see the truth of Oneness, and usher in for humanity an age of peace, harmony, and prosperity for all.

So know every time you feel yourself slip into any of these feelings of fear and/or insufficiency, that it’s all happening for a reason. It is all of the divinely orchestrated experience of us remembering our power, and once again becoming the LOVE that we are.

THIS is the shift, and it’s pretty exciting wouldn’t you say?

Let’s do it family.

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