Keeping Your Energetic Momentum | The Arcturian Council and My Guides

Keeping Your Energetic Momentum | The Arcturian Council and My Guides

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? See transcript below.

The energies right now are powerfully pushing us toward a measured goal.
• The details of the collective desired outcome are not definite…
• They are fluctuating according to the movement of the quantum field
as we are continuously adding or adjusting our
energetic input

Have in Your conscious awareness to instigate the movement of energy
Be actively mindful of this.
• This keeps you moving in the direction of your “goal”, higher purpose, higher intention.
• Since your manifestations appear more rapidly now this helps to offset or decrease the possibility of creating situations not desired

This manifests new possibilities from the quantum field as well
• Things that are also in alignment with things you actually desire
(Remember, at this point, you are manifesting quickly no matter what)
• You, with your forward momentum, are tapping into a variance of new possible timelines connected with your desired outcomes.

The quantum field works this way in either direction
• Whether you are providing conscious intention (through action or allowing)
• Or whether you are unaware or not providing conscious direction.
• So you can be more efficient and purposeful in exercising your power of intention
Think of branches from a tree. You are tapping into the quantum potential of these branches and therefore the possible realization of things you did not even know you wanted

The Arcturians:
When you hear a message or prediction and the anticipation comes in, the heart flutters. You feel your frequency raise, but it is beyond what normally is. It is beyond the baseline, which is fine. But pay attention to that. Make sure that you balance back and whatever happens keep moving, one foot in front of the other. Keep moving forward, in terms of moving the energy forward.

It’s about the energy movement. It’s not about the end goal (necessarily). Because that can fluctuate and change. The way that it comes to you can fluctuate and change. In other words, the weight of the components… the material of the universe and universes coming together… is shifting moment to moment, week to week, month to month.

And so just keeping your energy moving forward in a flowing momentum, a flowing balanced momentum (it doesn’t mean shove forward or push something to happen). Often keeping the energy moving forward, one step in front the other means stopping and meditating… whatever keeps the emotional balance.

But it is not stagnancy. Emotional balance is not stagnancy. It is not stopping everything. You can feel when is stagnant and there is no direction. That is why you tend to freak out a little when it feels like you are at a standstill. And so that’s why it is important to understand the reason for the standstill and just lean into the standstill and meditate, breathe, or whatever meditation is for you.

And this takes you out of that pointed equation, that more focused exertion. It is really a methodical way of not over-focusing. Often it will be little snippets of this, little bouts of doing this or doing that. And then come back into some sort of momentum toward what you perceive as a goal (or your expansion)… what you are moving toward… this thing that you see your life to be. We love you! We are the Arcturian Council.

End transmission.

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