Unravel Your Experience & Know Your God Self with Brandon Forrest LaPier | Awaken Ep. 52

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“What in my own awareness can I release to have a greater understanding of self?”
We unravel our experience and deepen in our understanding with the questions that we ask. It this seeking and intention that has opened Branon Forrest LaPier up to the profound experiences he has had, and the understanding of self that has unfolded as a result.
“There’s a part of myself that is more closely aligned to the Divine, and I would like to know myself realized as that”
In this episode of Awaken Brandon shares with us recounts of some of these thought-provoking and transformational experiences that he has personally been through, that has supported him in his intention of knowing his God Self. Through a process of planting the seeds of intention and what he calls radical releasing, he has been able to deepen in this knowing. The story and insight that he shares with us in this conversation has the capacity to help discovering the same.
So if you’re ready to begin unraveling your experience through a process of asking the right questions and radical releasing, to more deeply know your God Self, tune in to this episode of Awaken.

In This Episode BRANDoN & I Explore:

  • allowing for Spirit to flow and work through you
  • unraveling your experience by asking the right questions
  • radical releasing: recognizing in yourself what assumptions/beliefs needs to be released in order to allow for greater understanding
  • Turning towards the light of our desired experience
  • Brandon’s intention, story, and experience with getting to know himself as his God Self
  • Setting the seed of intention and remaining open to the manifestations


Brandon Forrest LaPier is a Mystic, Visionary, Activator, spiritual seeker, empath, natural born intuitive and healer, hypnotherapist, spiritual life coach, ET and paranormal experiencer, student and teacher of the light and love of the One Infinite Creator.  

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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