Living A Divinely Inspired Life with Akana Mandate | Awaken Ep. 47

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“Inside of all of us is a story. One that has been written and one that is yet to be lived.” Akana Mandate is here to help us with both exploring the stories being told, and creating the one we are being inspired to live.
Akana is a channel for change, co-creation, and divine creation.  The profound experiences he has had with his own healing and as a practitioner of bioenergetics has supported his understanding of the nature of the energies/emotions within our body. Akana shares with us how by accessing the stories beneath these energies and allowing for them to be expressed, we are able heal disease, let go of old stories/beliefs that no longer serve, and play with them in a way that does. 
In this episode of Awaken, Akana and I get into an inspiring conversation that explores this language of the Universe and foundation for divine creation: inspiration. If you are interested in tapping into this inspiration to play, create, and share; to create and live the inspiring love story that this is, join us for this episode of the Awaken Podcast.

In This Episode Akana & I Discuss:

  • the language of the Universe and foundation for divine creation: play and inspiration
  • the transition from the Era of the Intellect to the Era of the Heart
  • the triad that allows energies to be expressed: play, create, share
  • allowing breath and life to move you
  • bioenergetics: how energy gets compressed and causes disease in the body, and how by accessing the gift of the story beneath these energies and emotions we can shift its root resonance (and when you shift the root you shift the tree)
  • the three keys: curiosity, allowance, and celebration
  • choosing your own adventure with the question, “what’s your big f*** yes?”

Our Guest: Akana Mandate

Akana is a Quantum Architect, a medium and a vessel and channel for source, change, co-creation, creative expression, knowledge and transformation. An architect of experiences that tap into the root of who and what we truly are. He holds and creates spaces to empower people to transform physically, spiritually and emotionally into the direction of their most authentic, powerful, playful, sensual and creative self both personally and professionally. Akana does this by helping people shift locked patterns of resonance (old stories and beliefs that are no longer serving) and unlock their creative, sensual and emotional new expression in the world from their heart. Enabling them to live truthfully, vibrantly and unapologetically in their bodies.

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