Living and Creating Consciously or Unconsciously

Living and Creating Consciously or Unconsciously

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I have been giving some thought to the concept of what many people consider to be luck, or to be lucky, in life. I personally don’t believe there is such a thing as having good or bad luck. You are either creating your reality consciously or unconsciously. When you are creating unconsciously it appears life is happening to you. When you are creating consciously, you are aware that life is happening for you. It is a partnership between you and God/Spirit/your Higher Self. So, what do you wish to create today? This is not to say that you won’t make any mistakes, but as your connection to your Higher Self becomes stronger, you are less likely to make poor choices out of fear or from your ego-consciousness.

Society, along with our parents and friends, tends to mold us and our beliefs about life: What we deserve and don’t deserve, and where we fit in to our family and society. It can be helpful to examine our beliefs about our self and our life. For example, are we being passive aggressive, or assertive in situations with others? Do you love yourself or do you seek love and approval from others? These themes are very common, and it can be beneficial to examine and explore them. Often, as a child growing up, our parents can emotionally wound us, or other loved ones. At school we can be bullied by other children, or clash with a certain teacher. If you’re not careful, these experiences can erode your sense of self-worth.

It is true that in life you have little or no control over how others treat you. You can, however, always positively influence others. If someone treats you badly, it isn’t personal; it is just a reflection of them, a result of their inner pain and suffering. On a soul level, there are always agreements between loved-ones and family to learn and grow, sometimes together, sometimes apart. There is no human being alive today that hasn’t been hurt in some way, emotionally or physically, in this life or another. What is important is how you respond to it, process the trauma, and become wiser from the experience. It can take time to heal old wounds; we all have baggage of some form or another.

When you stop living unconsciously, your life starts to change in positive ways. You can literally start to become a different and new version of yourself. Negative emotions and depressions that can surface may begin to subside. If you have depression, you may get out of depressive episodes more rapidly, and these moods will be less disabling. You may still experience sadness from time to time; this is natural and a part of the human condition.

When you begin to live your life consciously, you start to operate from the driver’s seat and are no longer like a flag flapping in the wind! You realize that you can change aspects of your life by having positive thoughts, which lead to positive emotions and a positive life. There may be some things you can’t change or control, but you realize there is a lot you can change. When you become a beacon of positive energy it creates a ripple effect, influencing and changing other people, and in turn helping to raise the vibration of the planet.

To live consciously means to live with awareness — for the unconscious to become conscious. For most people, this is a gradual process of awakening. However, sometimes you can have an experience or a vision where everything changes from that point onwards. You may have a profound experience in meditation, or experience a wake-up call from a near-miss traffic accident. Our Higher Self and guides have a way to wake us up if we are veering off-course. Sometimes, this can be a subtle nudge; other times a more dramatic wake-up call. When you start living your life consciously, you are more aware of the subtle nudges and synchronicities that Spirit is guiding you towards. We always have the final choice regarding what action and path we decide to take.

Life on Earth is challenging, but it is not supposed to be all pain and suffering. You can have fun and experience joy and happiness — but you have to believe that you deserve it! You are not helping anyone or yourself by having negative thoughts or emotions. It can become a pattern and the way we deal with trauma as human beings. However, like any pattern it can be changed; but it does require inner work and effort. If you want to start living your life consciously, you have to take responsibility for your choices and actions. In a way, it can be easier to be passive, and a victim, in life: Living your life by default, on autopilot. For some this can be a life-long choice.

Life is a bit like a ‘choose your own adventure’ book. We make choices and take actions and live out the consequences and results of those choices. We always have a choice whether to live from our highest good, or from our lower nature. It is never too late to turn your life around, but it does require some introspection and work. We can’t change the past, but we can change how we frame it within our minds. Many of us have circumstances that we wish to be different in our lives. It can be helpful to accept what is, and look forward to what can be in the future. When we reach the end of our life, the only things we take with us are our experiences and lessons learned. Nothing is ever really lost, or only a mistake, as it all serves our highest good and soul evolution.

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