Many Upgrades Occurring Now | The Arcturian Council and my Guides

Many Upgrades Occurring Now | The Arcturian Council and my Guides

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? Transcript below

There has been a collective asking from all human consciousnesses who participate now in the rise of frequency and ascension.
• In part due to rapid awakenings occurring and also the anticipation of more to come
• Also due to global happenings and occurrences
As a reaction to these things, we are requesting
more tools or greater force behind our tools to be able to
see more clearly

Part of this asking is on an Individual level
• Some are requesting subconsciously (the human energy requesting without conscious “waking state” knowledge or remembering
• Some requesting from Higher Perspective
• Some are requesting in their consciously waking state
• Some are going through many upgrades on all three levels as they are powerfully ready at a Soul level.

Spirit Teams and Councils rallying to extend the upgrades
• Might get more headaches (3rd eye may be being activated)
• Heart upgrades, solar plexus (May feel pain here, tightness in the chest or diaphragmatic area; or you may feel sudden fluttery bursts of energy there, almost euphoric; This is presence and communication)
• Cellular function upgrades:
May feel to you as though it is happening slowly, although in terms of the prior rate of evolution of humans, this is happening very rapidly.

As a result, many may begin feeling disconnected
• May feel like “dissolution”
• Might feel liquid, like moving between worlds (not entirely lucid)
Be aware that these feelings will not necessarily be because of the Mercury Retrograde happening now…
(Which will cause much reflection, and the feeling also of moving backwards)
• You can use the retrograde to take the time to dissect the themes of your life that need to be revisited emotionally…
• Or You can also choose to operate independently of the influence of this in terms of forward momentum.

On the other side of this, some of you may feel like you are “starting over”
• As if you are relearning how to use your gifts
• Learning how to use newly discovered gifts
• Or learning how to operate in and move about the world around you a slightly different way (once again)

Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water as your body and Spirit calls for it☺️

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I am a Blue Ray integrated Arcturian Channel. The Activations that I create help humans access and unlock their Original Divine template, activating the dormant DNA strands. The codes are hidden in the messages that I channel, which are driven by the needs of the collective.

Blessings my friends?

Yolanda Marie

Yolanda Marie’s YouTube Channel

If you believe you are one of the Souls that have come here to assist in Collective Ascension, we are looking for you..

The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakening Leaders

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