Mastering Emotional Fitness & Mindfulness w/ Brian Coones | AWB #93

Brian Coones is a stress, mindfulness, & meditation coach. He is also the host of the Rewire podcast. Brian uses his energy and influence to help business professionals manage stress, awaken self-awareness, elevate health & happiness, find deeper meaning & inner peace, create resilience, and level up. He has helped transform hundreds of companies and clients with his practical and experiential results-driven coaching, workshops, and retreats

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • the power of connecting to your ‘why’
  • how to make your mornings a ritual so that you show up as your best and authentic self
  • an array of healing tools and practices
  • what it means to ‘master mindfulness’ and how to take steps towards doing so
  • how to develop emotional fitness; cultivate self-love, kindness, and compassion
  • Brian’s goal-setting strategy for achievement
  • the most important thing we can do as leaders of the New Earth

Highlight Qootes

“How do I overcome who I used to be yesterday and the parts of myself that I want change? There’s a certain consistency and cadence that creates a momentum.. You just put that time and it creates a momentum and then suddenly you get these bigger signs that come.”

Mindfulness meditation became my core modality.”

“.. you transcend that old version of yourself for a moment and you have an opportunity to take a little peek under the curtain into something greater. You feel a joy and a love and a bliss that rises from within that no amount of anything on the outside could possibly create that feeling.”

The breath and cold, no cost natures gifts that are right there. The breath is the biggest lever we have on the nervous system. The cold I found was very important in healing my nervous system.”

“Where you are right now is not where you need to remain.”

“Every single day, I protect time to go within and connect with myself. It wasn’t perfect at first. It took a couple of years to really get that flow. But fast forward to this moment, my day is very ritualistic now. If I don’t start my day tech-free with my journal, with my meditation, with my breath work and the cold plunge, the day ends up in a very different place for me.”

“Mindfulness at the end of the day is just a synonym for awareness. It’s a way of being that allows us to be more in the present moment, moment by moment, free of judgment, more kindness, compassion, and just being here and now.”

“There’s an acronym (for) the attitude of mindfulness, COAL: curiosity, openness, accepting what it is, whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant equally, and love, self-love, which is the kindness and compassion piece.

“The most important thing is by being fully authentic, being in absolute integrity, radical transparency with the good, the bad, all of the things, and truly embodying the lifestyle and the practice.”

“Ascension just really just means letting go of the fear, the shame, the guilt, opening up the heart space and getting into that feeling of love, appreciation and gratitude. It’s a day-to-day moment-by-moment process of overcoming yourself to ascend to another level. “

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change. When we start to notice our thinking, the way we’re behaving, the way we’re feeling – when we start to catch ourselves in those negative thoughts loops we can start to let go of the old story and programming. Get out of our own way as the saying goes and when we do that, we start to connect to that higher sense of wisdom, intuition, truth and beauty.”


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