have you been called to lead others in ascension?

The Ascender Mentorship is for individuals who have heard the call to serve the higher purpose of assisting in collective awakening and ascension.

Come alive in your purpose.

Feeling invigorated and fulfilled unfolds naturally, when we rise to our power and step into our purpose. Living our best lives comes in giving the world the gift we came here to give – one that makes a difference and impacts lives.

Know that you are so much more than you have believed yourself to be, and you are here for a reason far larger than you can imagine. I am here now to help you remember what you are, and why you’re here.

By mastering your mind, dissolving the false self, shining light on your shadows, and reprogramming your subconscious beliefs/patterns, you will create the space to expand into what you truly are. You will move beyond the ego into feeling the connection you share with Source. And as you begin to integrate a fuller expression of your Higher Self, you will move into a effortless state of flow in which you are bringing your greatest into the world, whilst feeling as turned on as you deserve to feel. It’s this that you’ve come here to do.
You are a channel for light and joy. By first bringing into your Being higher frequencies, and into your own experience greater joy, you allow for this energy to past through you into the world around you. This is the means through which you raise your vibration, which inherently lifts the vibration of the planet and collective as well. And as our vibration raises, the collective consciousness ascends.

This is our ascension, and you came to be a leader in it.

Dissolve the gap between you and them, and let what you give and what you get become one.
Find joy in seeing joy in their eyes, and help them find joy within.

- Bryan Henry

Step into your power, come alive in your purpose

the ascender mentorship

The Ascender Mentorship program is for individuals who have heard the call to serve a higher purpose and help the collective consciousness rise.

In our own unique spiritual evolution journeys, we experience for ourselves how liberating and empowering it is to begin to move toward the truth of what we really are. With this, it’s no wonder that awakening often has the effect of invoking complete reconsideration of what purpose one is serving. As we ascend, we eventually hear the call to help others do the same.

But in society’s current stage of evolution, in which the masses are still living in lower states of awareness, it can be difficult to step into your truth. But if we wish to see others rise out of the high stress states and unfulfilling lives they are living in, we have to be the ones to lead them out of it.

It is for this reason that I see the Ascender Mentorship as a ripple effect. In guiding you in activating your gifts and aligning with your higher purpose, you will become a beacon to which others will gravitate towards, and a catalyst for them to do the same. And as each one of us aligns with ascends into higher expressions of ourselves,  we create a more united and prosperous experience for us all. 

how you will ascend?


.. with your higher purpose. The grandest sense of fulfilment is found in giving your greatest gifts.


.. what it is you are compelled to create, and have fun creating it! Our greatest creations are the one's that flow through us from a higher place.


.. invigorated and free. We come alive in our purpose, and create a sense freedom for ourselves in doing what we most deeply wish to do.


.. and uplift others. As we step into our purpose, we inspire others to do same. And together we ascend.

Actualize your vision, lead us in ascension

how the program works:

The Ascension Mentorship is not just a program, it’s a relationship. As your mentor, it’s important that I am able to meet and guide you from where you’re at. Together we will bring through our highest guidance, to create the path before us.

The following is a glimpse into the areas that we will be addressing, all of which will come together to formulate a total transformation in you, your life, and your impact.

meditation training

Master the mind and you'll master your life.

Connect with your Higher Self

In the knowing of you Higher Self you will find the answers you seek.

subconscious reprograming

Your reality is a reflection of your subconscious beliefs/patterns. We will reprogram your subconscious for success.


"Excellence is not an act, but a habit." We will ingrain the habits and lifestyle that is in alignment with your purpose and success.

shadow work

Healing is one and the same with ascension, In shining the light of consciousness on your shadows, you will rise above them.

Energetic Activations & Upgrades

Aspects of you and your DNA await to be activated and upgraded, let's get activated.

manifestation techniques

Tap into your potential as a conscious creator with these tools and techniques.

Branding strategy

Branding coaching will help you build your reputation, extend your reach, and amplify you impact.

meet bryan m. henry,

Founder of Together We Ascend, Creator of the Ascender Mentorship.

What’s up Ascender, I’m Bryan, the Founder of Together We Ascend and creator of the Ascender Mentorship. I’m on a mission to contribute as much as I can to the movement towards collective ascension and unity consciousness.

To this aim, I founded the Ascenders Facebook Community and put out free content through my YouTube Channel and podcast, Awaken, all of which I invite you to check out. I have also connected to the purpose of activating lightworkers, and working them in growing their own conscious brands, so that they can come alive in their purpose, and make a living doing the work they love.

you've heard the call to ascend, LEAD & inspirE

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