Message to Humanity about Expanding | The Arcturian Council

Message to Humanity about Expanding | The Arcturian Council

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There is one part here at the beginning I do not want to be misinterpreted… When the Arcturians are saying to “relinquish your rights”, this is just a flowery way of saying to give up control and stop mulling over what we no longer consider to be our “truth”. They are not actually being literal here. We are moving out of the brain processing this into processing this through our heart center.

They begin slowly with this one, but the message is so important. See transcript below. Please excuse the sound (the recorder is pretty unpredictable☺️).

As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends?

The Arcturian Council:

Message to humanity. Groom yourself now to be who it is you want to be. This is your time. Everything and nothing stands in the way of this. You are in control, more than you realize. You will breathe in the air of freedom as soon as you relinquish your rights to speculation, your rights to observe the circumstances that you no longer require, that you no longer need.

Stop observing these circumstances. Stop focusing in the direction of that which you do not seek. Instead rather move toward your abundance. Your interaction with yourself requires a modicum of obedience to the laws that you are learning. Yes, you will teeter back and forth. Observe yourself as you teeter and pick out those moments that you are floating toward what it is you seek. Take a picture of those moments, take a picture mentally, physically, emotionally. Capture how you feel. Take a picture. Write it down. Journal it. Do everything you can to retain those moments. And then when you buoy back in the opposite direction… even momentarily, remember the picture that you took.

We have said this before. We will say this to you again. You are learning this. This is not something you are going to be told once and then you will have it within your grasp. You will need to internalize this. Your motion is a frequent thing. It is constant. You are ever moving like a stream, like a river, and you must master these multidirectional movements and master the impulses. Get control of the impulses in front of you. This is something you can do. Even as we speak Yolanda is like wondering, “How can we do this?”. You have it within your ability more than you realize. We will always remind you of this.

You are bigger than you believe yourself to be. You can stretch beyond what you have believed because the size of yourself is literally inaccurate… in your perception, your perception of your size, if you think of this in terms of your modern physics. The size of your Self is inaccurate. You believe yourself to be, in proportion to the things around you, moderate or small, or average. This could not be further from the truth. Relative to your Universe, you engulf it. But you do not understand the reality of this, that this is the true reality… in your being.

Some of you logically can make this work. You can make sense of this in your logical mind according to what is being learned by scientists who research the metaphysical world. But what you understand is but a brief instance of what it really is. And we realize this is why you do not believe you can do these things in terms of controlling or understanding your rapid constant movement through your Universe. You can.

This simply takes time, in your terms. And the experiencing of the time is fine. Experience the time and enjoy the time it takes to fully receive and understand the nature of Your expansiveness. Expansiveness is really not a big enough word that we want to use, but it is a word that she has that best describes for now what we are saying. You are so beautiful. You will fully understand your beauty as you highlight and understand the beauty in others, and take the focus off of what is not beautiful.

We say this because this is all part of understanding this motion forward. It all works together you see. It will come, the understanding of this is faster approaching than you realize, and also can become even faster. As you allow yourself, consciously let go of these pains, regrets, and hurts that you are releasing that have been evidence of your experiencing and are still in your field. See your beauty. Embrace the motion. Experience the time. We love you. We are the Arcturian Council. We love you.

End transmission.

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