Are You Moving Forward or Running Away? [Video]

Are You Moving Forward or Running Away? [Video]

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It’s great to have dreams for the future, but in the place that so many people are coming from, they are missing out on what truly matters. And as I’m sure you’ve seen too, big ambitions and even “success” doesn’t equate to happiness.

I want you to reflect on the following: are you creating the reality you desire from a place of excitement and positive inspiration, or are you more truly operating from a state of resistance and perceived lack? From my experience, before we see the results in our lives that we wish for, and more importantly, before we can feel the ways we wish to feel, we must learn to be fully accepting and deeply grateful for this moment.

We can and should be both fulfilled in the Now, and driven to keep growing. It’s where these two things come together that we feel most alive.

So I ask you, are you moving forward, or running away?

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