Misplaced Feelings of Shame and Regret are Blocking You | The Arcturian Council and My Guides

Misplaced Feelings of Shame and Regret are Blocking You | The Arcturian Council and My Guides

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends?

Transcript below Begin transmission:

The shame and regret that you have been used to feeling, and still feel… is a result of the old memory imprints, the old belief structures, the old societal structure of judgment and behavioral reinforcement that you are bouying in and out of at this moment. So to release the shame and regret and false guilt, you must continue to move forward completely out of that structure, to where you are only behaving within the new structure of your own fields and projecting your own experience into reality that you then perceive and fully live within.

The continuous feeling, particularly of the regret and shame, is keeping you out of being able to fully embrace the newness of what you are supposed to feel like, what you are supposed to be feeling. Feelings of grandeur, the word that previously has been associated with something negative, is really about who you really ARE. You ARE grand. You ARE large. You ARE more than. You are fulfilling your destiny here to fully appreciate the expansiveness of who you are.

The residual memories and feelings of shame block this experience from fully coming into your being. When you experience something that you love or that you think you would love, you cut it off because the old feelings of shame and regret… that maybe that thing is not a good thing to have… maybe it’s not appropriate. Maybe it’s not fitting with societal beliefs. You’re not thinking of these things consciously. But you are in your underlying processes, cleaning up underneath (if you will), cleaning up (so to speak)… sweeping it away. Even as you were dreaming it into reality, you’re sweeping it back under the rug, even as you are dreaming it… With the old imprinting underneath, not realizing that that moment of happiness that you visualized is now gone. Because your old feeling of regret has blocked it.

Come fully out of the system. Do not be afraid. The fear is blocking you, thinking that you must interact with the 3-D world… that somehow you must still live within its parameters according to its rules, when only a fraction of this is true. Only in terms of the institutions, is this true. This is not true in terms of the societal system of social reinforcement. This is no longer true for you now, because now you are learning or have learned or will learn to project and create your own reality fully without the avoidance.

While releasing the old things that you need to release, you will learn all of this now as we move forward. And so you can fully release this old cycle of punishment… social punishment in terms of if you behave in a certain way, if you are too happy, if you are too full of joy, if you experience too much ease, the judgment from your surroundings… You can release that because you will project, in turn, the new reality in which you are not judged, in which you are released from the person’s experience who was an able to understand your reality. Or you will draw them in and teach them how to behave in a similar manner.

You will conquer this. You’ll be a beacon. And your frequency, while you are in your bubble (if you will), floating around in the reality of others who do not match yours. But your bubble is just attracting to you what you perceive while you continue to shed the layers. You will continue to hear these messages again and again, as you will expand in your understanding of this the more that you take it in, the more that you perceive it, the more that you allow it to be your truth.

We love you. Yes we are the Arcturians.

End transmission.

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All of the messages that I channel and produce are a bridge between your conscious mental processing and your unconscious physiological and etheric embodiment.

Blessings my friends?

Yolanda Marie

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