Awaken Your Intuition with Your Inner Child with Nicole Frolick | AWB #69

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“The inner child is the key to a treasure trove of intuitive gifts.”
In this episode of the Awaken Podcast, Nicole Frolick, host of the enLIGHTenUP podcast, and I translate quite a bit of potent topics. From applying astrological wisdom, to accessing the wild masculine/feminine, and grounding our manifestations into reality, we then eventually land upon the topic of the power of inner child work.
You’ll hear Nicole share with us that this has been the most effective type of work she’s done in her own healing. And being someone who’s doing such great work, I’m thinking you’re going to want to hear about how she’s done the work that she has done within herself.
The child comes in with a nature of joy, creativity, and intuitive ability; but through programming, for most of us, this was shutdown.  If it was the child that learnt that this power was to be shutdown, then it’s the child we must go back to regain access to it, and to awaken our intuitive gifts. Tune into this episode of Awaken with Nicole Frolick to learn how.

In This Episode NICOLE & I Explore:

  • applying astrological wisdom to align with the energy of the planets
  • experiencing the wild masculine/feminine by bringing these energies into harmony
  • opening the throat chakras and expressing your truth; and a recommendation from Nicole that might just surprise you
  • what journaling/automatic writing might have in store for you
  • opening the root chakra to ground your manifestations
  • working with your inner child to awaken your intuitive gifts


Nicole Frolick is an intuitive life coach, author, speaker, host of the Enlighten Up podcast, creator of her vulnerability series Raw & Real, and creator of her growing community and program called AlcheME.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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