Rewire Your Beliefs with Kristen McKenzie | Awaken Ep. 56

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The vast majority of our decisions, habits, and behaviours originate from the contents of the subconscious mind. Our subconscious belief systems are the filter through which we perceive, and thus create, our world. Learning to make the shift from heart to heart and into what’s called a whole-brain state, to then rewire our beliefs, this is at the foundation of being a powerful intention creator.
In this episode of Awaken, we are joined by Kristen McKenzie who is a PSYCH-K®️ Facilitator, which is a process for transforming the subconscious beliefs that are limiting the full expression of one’s potential. With a strong focus on creating more love & kindness in the world, Kristen helps people to reprogram & rewire their subconscious minds for greater ease, flow, and success.
If you’re ready to hear from someone who has extensive knowledge on how we rewire our brains and transform our beliefs, let’s dive into this episode Awaken with Kristen McKenzie.

In This Episode Kristen & I Explore:

  • making the shift from head to heart, and using intellectual knowledge as a stepping stone not a a way of avoiding feeling
  • the physiology and quantum physics of spirituality
  • rewiring our beliefs to change the output that we create
  • coming into a “whole-brain state” in which we feel whole and switched on
  • PSYCH-K & muscle-testing: a process for transform self-limiting subconscious beliefs

Our Guest: Kristen Mckenzie

Kristen McKenzie is a PSYCH-K®️Faciliator & PER-K®️ Catalyst, & uses both to help reprogram & re-wire the ‘biological animal’ as she calls it, for more ease, flow & success towards our goals.
With a strong focus on creating more love & kindness in the world, Kristen helps facilitate real & lasting change for her clients so they can experience a happier, more contented life, through which love & kindness naturally flows. For almost 25 years now she has been committed to her own personal development & education journey, & been educated, moulded, challenged & changed by some of the most influential teachers, thoughts leaders & change makers in the world. What has resulted is an extensive knowledge of how we operate as people, what influences our decisions, drives our actions, & creates our experiences & results. And…how to facilitate change.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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