Cryptocurrency, Sacred Economics & Becoming Sovereign with Kevin Orosz | Awaken Ep. 46

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It’s funny how things how play out when you listen to the signs, you let go, and you let flow. Coming into this conversation I was having with my boy Kevin Orosz, host of the (R)Evolution Podcast, I found trying to steer it in a particular direction. It was about 30 minutes into our conversation that Source came in with the clear signal that this conversation had something in store that I couldn’t have previously anticipated.
Bogged down by heavy static interference for the first portion of our call, there reached a point in the call at which we went from the topic that I had preconceived intentions for us to talk about, to one that I hadn’t expect would come up; cryptocurrency. The moment that happened, the static interference immediately and completely stopped. I could even feel a shift in the energy as this occured.
The intuitive hit was strong, this wasn’t going to be an episode about tantra. At this point, I let go and flowstate master, Kevin Orosz, and I, began to flow.
What unfolded was an absolutely epic conversation that I’m really glad to have had. Because I can see few things as being as important as the topic of us taking back our power and becoming sovereign.
Our world and planet is calling for some major changes in our societal structures, including but not limited to, our financial system. In this episode of Awaken, Kevin provokes our thinking for why we need to, and how we can become a part of this change. This is the R(E)volution.

In This Episode Kevin & I Discuss:

  • educating ourselves as to how/why our societal structures and systems are largely dysfunctional and broken
  • how cryptocurrency can become the bridge to a vastly more effective and fair financial system (and why this is something you may want to have an understanding around)
  • the first step in taking back (y)our power: elimination
  • our shift towards a life-affirming civilization, and how you can be a part of co-creating this world
  • becoming sovereign on all levels, including financially

Our Guest: Kevin Orosz

Kevin is a speaker, entrepreneur, performance philosopher, and student of humanity’s myths. He is driven by offering his voice and presence to improving the lives of people all over the world. Through his podcast “The (R)Evolution,” online courses, evolutionary men’s work, and private mentorship, Kevin teaches others how to create more impact and success, ignite polarity in relationship, and claim their kingdom. 

Resources Mentioned:

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