Seeing Beyond Time Into Future Events | The Arcturian Council and my Guides

Seeing Beyond Time Into Future Events | The Arcturian Council and my Guides

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? Transcript below

You are creating branches from your current timeline into your highest timeline.
• In between, there continue to be many possibilities of detail in your advancement forward.
And you are the one in control of this on many levels.
• “This is not a direct conquest. Rather the material of the Universe is fashioning itself many different ways to accompany your strongest or most consistent emotional desires”.
• And since those things shift. And the emotions of those around you create manifestational activity as well (in part as a response to yours), there is constant movement.

As the movement becomes less chaotic, the details become more firm.
They begin to flow into more
solid substance.
• And this is when you can begin to “see” or “sense” these details more vividly, to the point that they feel as though they have already happened
• And then when you see that something appears in your life to be “less than this”, you feel as if you are moving backwards.

But you have not necessarily moved backwards.
You have actually just picked up on your own creation before it was finished materializing.
• Keep in mind, the details can still shift.
But a drastic shift at that particular point is less likely to occur,
especially if you have not interrupted the process by dipping very far down into lower frequency emotions.

The Arcturians:
This is what you can expect to experience throughout this phase here as you journey into the forward momentum of your collective experience… of enduring the momentum to come.

You are seeking certain things. You wish to explore beyond what is happening, into the realms of the unknown, yet not unknown… They are Creation realms. You enjoy this, but you do not know the difference yet. You do not, or have not yet understood the degree to which you are creating.

So as you seek beyond this current collection of events, this is what you experience. The themes that arrive before you are emotions collectively transduced into thought-forms, and then into events… And then the current circumstances expire as the new circumstances come to fruition.

There is much distrust here because you do not realize that you are the one creating still. This [the misunderstanding] is still a conscious processing, or rather mental processing. For you to understand this is occurring, you are coming into the cellular memory of this in your current experiencing.

In other words, although your body understands what’s going on, your mental processing is not completely caught up [it misunderstands]. And within the timeline that you are in, you buoy back and forth between “knowledge” and “not knowledge” in your body. This can
feel disorienting.

So you see in your mind’s eye that you have created something that has not yet occurred. But it feels like it is happening in your present time (as though the event did already occur and you should be beyond the event).

But the event has not yet occurred (that you think you should be beyond). It is going to occur, and of course is occurring on different levels. But in your linear experience, in your [physical] perception, in that moment, it has not occurred.

You are experiencing all of these things at once, and yet now able to consciously perceive it more readily. And so your understanding of this (your mental processing) is catching up.

We are the Arcturian Council. We love you!

End transmission.

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