Self-Realization, Silence, & Some Quantum S**t with Khail Khapp | Awaken Ep. 27

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Man, was this a fun and EXPANSIVE conversation I had with my brother, Khail Khapp. I have had the pleasure of really getting to know this amazing soul over the course of the past year, and suffice to say, there hasn’t been many others that I have felt this level of resonance with so quickly. It’s been an absolute blessing to have Khail bring this presence to the Ascend Academy, as one of our members. 
Khail and I both stand for flow. “Stand” for flow, that wouldn’t really be flowing would it..? Khail and I both flow for flow, and so that of course is what conspired in this chat. What initially was planned to be a live stream that didn’t pan out due to connection issues (i.e. Divine Intervention), ended up being a recorded conversation that wouldn’t have ever happened the way it did had we been in front of a live audience.
So tune on in to be a fly on the wall as two elevated individuals kick back and get into some quantum shit.

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