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align with your highest vision

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Feeling like your on the cusp of something better? Like there is something inside you waiting to be unleashed? A new level to your life your life waiting to be experience? Are you ready to breakthrough?
Change can happen quicker than most realize. I’ve seen it again and again, and every-time I’m more convinced. I know this because I’ve been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to serve others in the intention of supporting their transformation, and getting to see it happen.
So if you feel like you’re on that edge ready for change to happen, this invitation is for you.

Actualize your
highest Potential

You know you are capable of more, but you are also more powerful than you imagine. It's come time to activate the potential of your Higher Self.

serve your
highest purpose

The greatest sense of fulfillment and abundance is found on the path of your higher purpose. Discover the clarity you need to step on to and walk this path with confidence.

Live in your
activated state

Your greatest gifts are inspired through your activated state. Come into a sense of naturalness, harmony, and ease and naturalness in which you are flowing in your purpose.

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1 2hr Breakthough Coaching Session

$ 197

For those that aren't in a position in which they feel comfortable or aligned with offering this financial exchange, continue below for information on how you can be considered for a complimentary session

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Every month as a way of giving back and serving those that may not be ready to offer my session fee, I schedule 3-5 complimentary sessions. If you’d like to be considered for this opportunity, fill in your information below to be added to the waiting List

Frequently asked questions

You simply being here points to the truth that you are here for a reason. There is purpose imbued in you and your life.

You are a Co-Creator, and you are on this planet at this time to help usher in a new world. You have a unique gift to give and role to play in this.

From the perspective of your Higher Self, you carry with you an unwavering sense of confidence and certainty in knowing who you are and why you are here. This higher knowing is waiting to be activated in you, and in this session, we will do just that.

In your activated state your are integrated with your Highest Self and fully aligned with your Higher Purpose. It is in this state that you feel your best, and are giving your greatest to the world.

In your activated state you will..

  • be rooted in your higher knowing, carrying clarity of who you are and why you are here..
  • have stepped into alignment with serving your higher purpose through the giving of your unique gifts..
  • embody a state of flow and ease in channeling your creative potential, allowing for your highest vision of reality to come to life…


Truth be told, there is really no telling what may unfold in an Alignment-Activation session. Being that I work with intuitive guidance, our work together will be unique to you. The flow of the session will be guided by both of our Higher Selves in unity, ensuring that you receive from it that which is in highest alignment for where you are on your path.

Most my sessions consist of: 

  • a conversation that will invoke you finding clarity in your own inner knowing
  • a channeled transmission/guided meditation for integrating your Higher Self and shifting you into your activate state
  • energetic blockage removal/healing work

"I activate lightworkers"

MEET Bryan M. Henry,

What is up Ascender? I’m Bryan, the Founder of Together We Ascend and the Ascend Academy, and it’s of my purpose to serve our planetary collective consciousness in it’s ascension to greater expressions of harmony, love, and prosperity. I serve this purpose by activating lightworkers.

To these aims, I share create and share content through my Facebook PageYouTube Channel, and podcast, Awaken. I have founded the Ascend Academy and have created the Activation Process, a 4-phase process that activates in an individual their higher purpose.

Click here to learn more about/apply to the Ascend Academy, and to initiate your activation.

You've heard the call to step into a new level of your life..

will you breakthrough?