How to SHIFT Your Experience of Reality [VIDEO]

In understanding how your physical reality operates in response to your ability as a Creator Being, you may take leverage this power to shift your experience of reality. This is how you shift your state to shift your reality.


  • how your physical reality is a school and a mirror
  • the way in which the mirror mechanism plays out
  • the 3 ingredients that act as the catalyst for manifestation of your desired experience of reality
  • how to shift your state to shift your experience of reality

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The Activation Process is a 4-phase process that activates in an individual their higher purpose. Through a process that guides one through expanding awareness, Higher Self integration, and subconscious reprogramming, you will comes out of this process with:

  1. complete clarity around how you are being currently called to serve your purpose in the world
  2. a sense of empowerment and inner knowing that will allow you to walk this path with confidence and tenacity.
  3. the specific details to the gift you came here to give in the upcoming chapter on the journey of your mission here. 

In the essence of prioritizing our mission, we have made the decision to provide those who show strong commitment to their activation and serving their higher purpose to opportunity choose their own price. We know that each and every lightworker that steps into being a fuller expression of their purpose serves the All, and so we are doing to ensure that one’s financial situation isn’t a deterring factor keeping this from happening.

If the 4-week process is completed within 6-weeks of enrolment, you get to decide what the experience was worth for you.

If you believe you are one of the Souls that have come here to assist in Collective Ascension, we are looking for you..

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