Shifting your Energetic Frequency to the Experience you Desire

Shifting your Energetic Frequency to the Experience you Desire

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A Conscious Creators sees what they wish to create before them. They see and feel that it already exists. They know it’s already there, just waiting for them to tune into the experience.

Like a radio, we sync up with the station of the experience we desire.
In the field of infinite energy and possibility, that experience exists in the here and now. Not being able to perceive of this experience in the now, is a result of our state of consciousness not being attuned to the frequency of said experience.
As Conscious Creators, we possess the powerful ability to shift our frequency to change this – to change our perception of reality, and thus change our experience.
But in order for us to do this, we must be integrated. We must be in alignment with who we really are, and what we really want. Discovering this truth is the first step.
Because when you come into being who you really are, all aspects of self become one, and as a whole, all of you begins to drive towards that which you really wish for. Your consciousness shifts, and you tune in.
With this, what was imagined becomes visible. What was always there, reveals itself to you.

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