She Saw How Our Soul Blueprint Works During Her Near-Death Experience (NDE) with Ginette Biro | AWB #92

Ginette Biro is a powerful medium who is claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Every day she sees things most others don’t see, hears things most others don’t hear, and feels things most others don’t feel. She is a bridge between worlds and can perceive of information beyond our physical dimension.

In addition to these remarkable gifts, Ginette was able to gain a greater understanding of how our life blueprint and soul journey works, during a near death experience she had years ago.

In this episode on the podcast, Ginette and Bryan have a conversation in which they delve deep into this understanding. You’ll find out about what our ‘soul blueprint’ is and and how it shapes the trajectory of our lives. You’ll also gain practical wisdom for how to apply this understanding to learn the lessons you’ve come here to learn so that you can step more fully into your power and abilities. If you’ve been questions like “why we are here we having this physical experience?” or “is ‘destiny’ a a real thing?”, this episode may have some answers in store for you.


  • how to overcome the fear of stepping into our power and sharing our gifts
  • how to cultivate ‘full body belief’ to awaken your abilities
  • what Ginette learnt about our Soul’s journey during her near death experience (NDE)
  • what our Soul Blueprint is and how it gets created
  • how to heal, transcend cycles, and learn the lessons that we are here to learn


Notable quotes

“Source energy, the energy of the universe or the Creator, whatever anyone’s word is, when that energy flows in harmony through and with you, is when you’re in your power.” 

“There is nobody here at this time right now who hasn’t agreed in their sole contract to come here and be a changemaker at this time. Whether you are a changemaker on a really big scale and you start a huge social media platform, or whether you are a changemaker in your family and your community just by being you and people around you benefit. My encouragement is don’t let anyone dim your light. And if at first you are just shining your light brightly for yourself in your bedroom, maybe with your journal or your tarot cards or in meditation, that’s fine. Start there. And then eventually slowly step out of it into embodying who you are at your fullest because there’s no mistake that you’re here with these gifts.” 

“We’re at such a significant juncture point right now in human evolution on this planet, moving from a limited 3D view of just a global community to stepping into the recognition that we are part of a galactic community. With that galactic level of awareness comes a much higher level of consciousness, which has greater abilities for healing, renewable energy, time travel, and interdimensional travel. But for Earth as a whole to fully embrace this, there has to be a significant percentage of people in their full light. Standing in their own truth, not limited by fear or preconceived notions. This means we need to step into a higher level of open-mindedness where all things are possible, in science, spirituality, economics, and beyond.”

“Any of the repeated cycles that people are noticing in their life that they can’t quite figure out or just can’t get rid of, there’s a lesson to be had there. There’s healing to be had, there’s understandings, there’s wisdoms to be gained. And until it’s completed, it will continue to cycle. The key is going into it, understanding the trigger, why it’s coming up for you, and what you can learn, heal, and change about it. Because when you do, you release that soul journey piece, gain the wisdom of that experience, and move forward”

“They have so much respect for souls inhabiting on earth, especially during these massive change points right now because of how polarized it is and how deeply cut the duality is and how much people right now are doing the healing and are doing the changing and are meeting the darkness and are being the light. It is a really challenging time and there’s solid respect and admiration for all of us. It’s quite beautiful.”

“Lessons that aren’t learned remain lessons that need to be learned.”

“It’s imperative at this time that people step in and open up and heal because it’s changing the frequency of our planet. Every time somebody heals something, it goes back into the collective soup and allows an opportunity or a path to healing that may be inspired in somebody else.”

“To heal means to have gained the understanding of it for you, and for it to become a piece of wisdom that you then can share with another. You go from needing healing to then healing to then allowing opportunities as the healer. Our words, our wisdom may be that thing that allows somebody else to transmute from being in healing to healed and then becoming the healer.”

“(The Soul) blueprint is a template for core things our soul wishes to learn, and free will is our conscious choice to maneuver that blueprint.”

“Ascending means to step into higher states of open-mindedness. I specifically say open-mindedness instead of consciousness because I believe people’s journey into ascension begins by opening their mind. It can start in very 3D ways, like opening your political view to consider the opposition. By opening our minds to different perspectives, we inadvertently awaken our consciousness, ascend, and grow.” 


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