Soul Sovereignty: Knowing Yourself as Source with Louise Smart | AWB #65

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You are a Sovereign Being. It’s come time to let go of the ego’s guilt, and the belief that you were ever separate from Love; it’s come time to remember your sovereign truth. Louise Smart is here to help you do just this.
On this episode of Awaken, Louise and I dive deep into a conversation around letting go, saying no, self-forgiveness, and Soul Sovereignty. As the one projecting your own reality, you get to choose what you give power to, and if you’ve been on a path of conscious awakening, you’re likely also able to see that there may be things playing out in your reality that you no longer have to continue to give your focus to. Louise is choosing to unplug her energy from a world/experience of problems to solve, and this is an invitation to for you to as well.
Source resides in a state of no problems to solve, and through trust, embodiment, and remembering yourself as Source, you will too. So if you’re ready to know yourself as Source, and reclaim your sense of Soul Sovereignty, tune into this episode of Awaken with Louise Smart.

In This Episode LOUISE & I Explore:

  • knowing yourself as God/Source
  • letting go of the ego’s guilt and forgiving yourself for the belief that you were ever separate from Love
  • waking up to your internal authority and sovereignty
  • unplugging and withdrawing your energy from a world and experience of problems to solve
  • expanding the heart-chakra and the light within your lower chakras
  • receiving God’s loving will for you
  • embodying soul sovereignty and allowing for this to be reflected in the reality you project
  • remembering your incorruptible innocence
  • trust, and returning to the truth that dissolves all that is illusionary and false


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