Repatterning Beliefs (for Soulfully Empowered Mothers) with Sarah Grace Knutson | Awaken Ep. 58

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Every so often I find myself having a conversation with another Being of Light, that is too good to keep ourselves. This was one of these conversations, and so I give you, this impromptu podcast episode with Sarah Grace Knutson.
Sarah is a Women’s Empowerment Coach with an affinity for supporting mothers. When I asked her in our conversation to tell me more about her mission, she absolutely lit up. What unfolded from here was some passionate and insightful sharing around her thoughts about how important it is that new/to-be mothers begin to question the patriarchal systems in place around child-birth, and begin to reclaim their sovereignty and intuitive sense. Even as a man, I found the perspective and information that she shared moving.  There is a compelling case for a more natural and intuitive childbirth system that doesn’t fit into many of the societal structures currently in place. If there’s a chance that either you or your partner is planning to have children, and even for those that already do, this is something I believe is worth hearing and considering.
Later into the conversation, Sarah and I transition into a more general discussion around belief repatterning, a system for identifying and shifting limiting beliefs. She takes us through the stages of this process, which ends up being something that I’m sure we can all take something away from. So whether you’re male or female, there’s likely something here for you. So if you’re hearing the call, let’s dive-in to this episode of Awaken with Sarah Grace Knutson.

In This Episode SARAH & I Explore:

  • why to-be mothers need to reclaim their sovereignty and reconnect to their intuitive sense
  • a call for humanity to transcend patriarchal programs and systems that dominate the child-birth process, and a compelling case for a more natural intuitively-driven one.
  • the shift from efforting to serendipity and healing to creation
  • the stages of belief repatterning – a system for identifying and shifting limiting beliefs
  • the importance of self-care first; and how for mothers this translates into a healthier relationship with, and the development of a child


Sarah Grace Knutson is an International Best-Selling Author, Founder of SOUL-Birth Personal Empowerment Coaching for Soulful Women and creatrix of The Soulfully Empowered Mother course.

Sarah specializes in guiding Soulful Mothers to rediscover their unique identity beyond Mom. This is through deconstructing the beliefs and societal programs that confine them, and helping them reconnect with their authentic truths so they may create empowered, joyous lives.

Combining energy-work, intuitive coaching, Belief Re-Patterning® and simple personal practices, Sarah helps you align with your soul, clear your mind of old, stuck patterns, and build confidence through divine self-love and authentic inner power.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode


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