Remembering Harmony, Advice for Entrepreneurs, & Embodying Your Unique Expression w/ Jeremy Hoffmann | AWB #82

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Jeremy is a 7x CEO Founder, including being the Founder of Oasis Adaptogen. The businesses, products, and solutions he is creating are helping people all over the world remember harmony, and cultivate states of connection through the physical, emotional, mental, and virtual planes of reality.


He’s a leader in the spaces of adaptogenic mushroom use and conscious entrepreneurship, and he’s here to share with us some profound spiritual and business advice.. In this episode, h0e shares with us his story of transforming his life from the inside-out, practical guidance for taking radical responsibility in our lives using strategies such as ‘reframing’, and advice for those who are either on the path of entrepreneurship or are feeling a calling to explore it.

Whether or not you’ve felt called to the path of being an entrepreneur, this episode is filled with insights to support you sharing your unique expression with the world. Let’s dive into this episode of Awaken, with Jeremy Hoffmann.

In This Episode Jeremy & I Explore:

  • Channeling the Infinite potential of I Am

  • Jeremy’s epic story of transforming his life from the inside out; from states of stress and addiction to harmony and connection

  • A mantra that will change everything for you

  • Taking radical responsibility and the power of reframing

  • A simple tip that will help you catch limiting beliefs when you have them, a lot more often

  • Jeremy’s pregame meditation for connecting to future outcomes and learning from failures before they happen

  • Advice for those considering or are new to the path of entrepreneurship

  • Embodying Your Unique Expression

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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