Money, Spiritual Entrepreneurship, & Your Divine Purpose with Emily Ghosh Harris | AWB #73

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Emily Ghosh Harris is an intuitive guide and business mentor here to help humanity reconnect to their divine gifts, remember what it feels like to love themselves unconditionally and return to unity consciousness.

She is Founder and CEO of Soul Media, a company focused on elevating conscious companies and spiritual entrepreneurs through digital marketing, holistic consulting, and intuitive business practices.

With a deep love and understanding of astrology, neuroscience, psychology, and energy work, she combines spiritual tools and business principles in order to create a blueprint for greater energetic flow with the universe.

In This Episode EMILY & I Explore:

  • getting into the flow of giving and receiving, and being in service to your divine purpose
  • developing a healthy relationship with money
  • tuning into the heart and inner voice, and the magic that comes from courageously trust
  • tools to cultivating, harnessing, and invoking  creative energy
  • creating a business that is in alignment with our energy and using the path of entrepreneurship as a vehicle for self-discovery, expansion, service and growth

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