How to Step Into Your GREATNESS with Michael O’Shea | AWB #91

Michael O’Shea is a coach, mentor, and retreat facilitator who draws upon his transformative experiences with ayahuasca and his extensive journey through self-discovery to guide individuals and businesses towards achieving their full potential. Michael’s work is rooted in the integration of ancient wisdom with practical strategies for modern-day transformation.

In This Episode You will discover:

  • Michael’s call to adventure into the Amazon forest to embark on a journey of healing and transformation
  • how to take ownership and holding yourself accountable for your personal narratives
  • how to shift the beliefs that are underlying your ’emotional home’
  • a practice for rewriting your stories to create for an empowering one
  • how to reconnect to the Heart and experiencing a profound sense of gratitude for life
  • the power of vulnerability in creating trust and connection
  • a message for men about integrity
  • what it means to live in your Greatness


Resources Mentioned In This Episode


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