Stop Fighting, Start Manifesting

Stop Fighting, Start Manifesting

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Notice the story-telling that takes place in your mind. Set the intention to objectively observe what it is you are telling yourself about who you are and what this life is. Observe your interpretations and judgments, your patterns and your loops. Because it is this, that runs your life.

Let it be time that you rise to higher awareness of your thoughts, and begin leveraging the power of your mind with greater control. Let it be time that you stop fighting, and start manifesting.

The Thoughts You Fuel

Thoughts become things.

Thoughts invoke feelings. Feelings are vibrations. Vibrations form reality.

In this way, your thoughts create your reality.

It’s also important to understand “good thoughts”, “bad thoughts”, these are just labels. In truth, it’s all very neutral. Nothing is objectively better than anything else. The closest thing you’ve got to being able to call something better, is when it comes to how you feel. If you feel better, well then, that’s “better”.

But polarizing anything, including thoughts, into the categories of good and bad, right and wrong, fragments your experience and disconnects you from the Oneness of life. And it is in feeling this connection that we source our power.

So know that even in moments in which you are choosing thoughts that perhaps don’t feel good, that there’s nothing “wrong” with this either. These experiences are also serving you what is a match to your highest interests and evolution, as your reality always does.

Nothing could ever truly be wrong..

I tell you this, because I want you to see that there is no right or wrong way to play this game, there’s only the path you choose. There are no good or bad thoughts, just the ones you choose to fuel.

And it’s the thoughts you fuel that are the seeds that are nurtured into manifestation.

It Shouldn’t Be a Fight

In wanting to create the experience they desire, I notice many are fighting with their reality, and with their minds. Surprise, surprise, I’m on this list! (Side-note: I can really only speak to the the struggles that “people” have because these are challenges I have, and still do find myself facing at times). But I want us to see, that it doesn’t, and shouldn’t have to be a fight.

You’re fighting when you think there’s something wrong with you and how you’re thinking. You’re fighting when you’re unsatisfied with your reality. You’re fighting when you aren’t accepting and embracing of this Now moment.

The intention to manifest your desires and move toward that which is preferred,  is a great one indeed, but where is it that you are coming from?

This is such an important question that it bears repeating, ask yourself; “where am I coming from?

Because, this place of fighting with yourself and your reality is an extremely ineffective one to manifest from. And here’s why:

If you’re trying to create and move towards what you want out of a desperate yearning to get away from where you’re at, you will struggle. Now there’s a few different ways I can explain why this is, but what currently comes through is this; do you think your Higher Self would believe it to be in the interest of your long-term growth and happiness if you were to get what you wanted because you weren’t happy with what you had?

This would be like responding to the child who is throwing a tantrum in Toys“R”Us by buying them that toy. (Sorry for comparing you to a crying child by the way.)

But think about it. most of us could probably see how in this scenario this would be a terrible decision for the long-term growth and maturation of this child. Sure, this might get them to stop acting up, and the strangers to stop staring, for the moment, but what comes next? How has this child grown in this situation – what have they learnt?

They learnt that throwing a fit gets them what they want. This only makes them more likely to revert back into that state in the future, which they likely will when their new toy gets old, and they see a new one they don’t have.

Are you seeing that we aren’t all that different from the child? We’re just playing with bigger toys.

It’s Got to Be Alright

Fortunately, your Higher Self knows better than to offer you short-term solutions. Your Higher Self knows that what you want most, more than the “toys” you long for, is inner peace. We want fulfillment, we want joy, and we want to be at peace, and thus, it is this that we are being guided to.

Getting what we want on the surface because we don’t like what we currently have, (in most cases) just isn’t going to work. This experience doesn’t afford us growth, and it isn’t in alignment with what we really want, being that what we really want is again fulfillment, joy, and peace.

And so trying to manifest from this place, is going to result in experiences like uphill battles and unconscious self-sabotage.

In order to move towards that which is preferred, you must first learn to be alright with where you’re at.

Manifest From a Place of Gratitude, Acceptance, & Ease

So if there’s one thing I want you to take-away from this post it’s this; your relationship with the Now, and your current reality, is intertwined with your ability to shift your experience.

Being that all is Now, experiencing what you want in the Now begins with feeling what you wish to feel now!

By becoming embracing and accepting of your current reality, you deepen into the experience of a reality you love.

Manifestation should come easy from this place, rather, than the fight that it is for most. Unbeknownst to these people, the reasons why they are struggling, is because they are fighting.

Stop making the manifestation process a fight with your current reality, and practice being grateful and embracing of what you’ve got, and more to be grateful for will come into your life. It already has, can you feel it?

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