Stop Thinking About Your Desires, and Feel Them

Stop Thinking About Your Desires, and Feel Them

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Are you thinking about your desires, or are you feeling them?

These are two vastly different approaches, one far more effective than the other.

From the place that most are thinking about what they want, they are actually working against themselves in manifesting these desires. This is because the thoughts most have about what they desire is often also associated with thoughts/feelings of being in an undesirable experience. This perpetuates being in this type of experience.

Check in.. do you feel your vibration lift in connecting to your desires? Or are you operating from a lower frequency state of lack?

If there is a yearning for your wants, you’re operating in a state of lack. If thinking about what you want comes from the place of not wanting what you have, you’re operating in a state of resistance. And if your wanting isn’t associated with a sense of confidence that you are CURRENTLY on the path of manifesting these wants, you are operating in an ineffective state as well.

A sense of lack, resistance, inadequacy, these may just be the most common blocks to abundance and fulfillment there are.

Manifestation is a FEELING practice.

Reflect and you will know that what you want most truly is a feeling. Physical manifestations are superficial to our truest desire, which is to simply feel good.

We desire a sense of peace, fulfillment, joy, connection. We want to feel loved, safe, and complete.

Now, realize that you can feel any and all of these things right Now. Manifestation happens in the Now.

You are deserving of that which you desire in your physical life too, and those will come, but just know that the manifestation of these things will unfold when you start with what’s within.

Feel whole and complete in the Here and Now, and feel into the frequency of the experience you wish to create.

Allow yourself to feel lifted, to feel good, and hold in your being the knowing that this raising of your vibration is in itself aligning you with your soul’s deepest desires and highest path.

Resonating with the frequency of Your Higher Self and Source will line you up with what is most true to you. Rather than trying to figure these things out at the level of mind, recognize that the raising of our frequency intertwines with manifesting our truest desires, and unfolding into a higher expression of Self.

Stop thinking about what you want, and feel what it is you want to feel.

If you believe you are one of the Souls that have come here to assist in Collective Ascension, we are looking for you..

The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakening Leaders

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