Together We Ascend Virtual Summit

- 4 Days, 30 Speakers, Infinite Wisdom & Potential -

When you purchase your TWA2021 Virtual Summit Lifetime(s) Access Pass, you will gain access to all of 25+ hours worth of content from the summit’s session replays + A Host of Bonus Content Provided To Use By Some of Our Speakers

Get the "Lifetime(s) Access Pass" + A Ton of Bonuses!

When you purchase the ‘Lifetime(s)  Access Premium Pass’ you’ll get access to all of the replays to the summit’s sessions (which itself includes 30+ hours of content) along with a myriad of exclusive bonus content provided to us by some of our speakers

What's Included?

Sydney Campos's Collection of Multidimensional Activations + 5D Visionary Business Training

Sydney’s collection of multidimensional transmissions consists of 9 immersive experiences that carry codes of awakening + attunement across the following realms: Galactic Soul Signature, your unique genius, nervous system optimization, intuitive empowerment, 5D visionary business + leadership, abundance and dreaming awake your purpose. 

Daniel Scranton

Daniel Scranton's Chakra Meditation

Daniel’s chakra meditation recording will support you in opening up your energy to allow for a greater flow of well-being and potential. Activate the power of your energy centers with this guided meditations.

Zarina Chopra

Zarina Chopra's I Am Light Initiation Course

Zarina’s I Am Light Initiation Course is a 4-Module program that works on self-forgiveness, limiting belief reframing, and releasing stagnant energy through practices such as EFT & Life Activation Breath-work.

Alexandra Dumitrescu's Light Language Bundle

Alexandra’s light language bundle consists of 4 powerful light language transmissions:

  • Parental Karmic and emotional disentanglement,
  • Forgiving your childhood
  • Repositioning yourself within your own story
  • Childhood trauma Nervous system healing

Scarlet Ravin's Star Gate Activation Series

Scarlet’s Star Gate Activations are a series of 3 videos that will activate in you..
  • DNA Upgrades
  • Healing Expansion
  • Psychic Awakening

Giovanni Bartolomeo's 1 Month Membership to is an online membership program that offers courses and experiential guided tracks created to assist you in taking the next step in your life around improving your mindset, resilience, physical performance and emotional awareness. Enjoy a full months worth of access to the platform and the entire glossary of available resources. 
Nicole Frolick

Nicole Frolick's 'Activating & Integrating the Lightbody for Descension' Guided Meditation

Nicole’s Lightbody activation will help bring light back in when only darkness prevails. As you continue to work through the layers of activation, bringing in more light will intensify your shadow work. Please keep in mind that working with your lightbody is a powerful and sacred experience, be gentle and respect the process with humbled gratitude. 
From Nicole:: I believe that the ascension process is about our higher self descending into our physical vessels which is why I call it descension. Sometimes ‘ascension’ can be misinterpreted as ‘going higher or elsewhere’. I believe it is an integration and union of higher self with our vessel. Completing this process leads to the graduation timeline for souls here on Earth ready to move on to their next galactic adventure.

Bryan M. Henry's Lightworker Activation Series

Bryan’s Lightworker Activation Series is a 4-day video series that guides awakening leaders through a process of activating their Higher Purpose. Be take through a process for..

  • reprogramming your subconscious mind and limiting beliefs
  • attuning to and integrating your highest vision
  • discovering and unlocking your greatest gift

1 1-on-1 Healing/Coaching Session with any one of the following teachers:

All of our teachers highly value their time, and how they choose to serve others with it. And so, the following teachers have all generously offered up 1-hour of their time to anyone who has invested in the All-Access Pass.

Greg & Kerryn Barwick

NLP & Purpose Coaching w/ Greg Barwick

Divine Matrix Session w/ Scarlet Ravin

Zarina Chopra

Karma Clearing Session w/ Zarina Chopra

Alignment-Activation Session w/ Bryan M. Henry

.. + All 30+ hours worth of content from the summit's session replays

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Life-time(s) All Access Pass

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  • Lifetime Access To All of The Summit's Session Replays (30+ hours of content)
  • Exclusive Bonus Content Offers from The Speakers Listed Above

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