Synchronizing with Source Energy & Infinite Intelligence with Seth Leaf Pruzansky | Awaken Ep. 44

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There is a Source of Energy and Intelligence that is animating through all of life. It’s what causes your heart to beat, your autonomic nervous system to function – it’s the very reason that you are here. The more that we harmonize and synchronize with this Energy/Intelligence, the more that we recognize ourselves as being unified with it, the more we expand beyond our limited stories, identities, and perceptions. Seth Leaf Pruzansky joins us for this episode of Awaken to guide us in doing just this.
Seth is one who has devoted himself to experientially knowing this infinite field of energy, and he makes a convincing case for why this is the greatest choice one can make.  The activation of greater perception and insight, the dissolution of surface-level issues and suffering, total mind-body-heart coherence; these are but just a few of the things that come from this synchronization.
If you’re ready to break free from the stories and evolve beyond limitations,  join us for this episode of Awaken with Seth Leaf Pruzansky who’s here to help you synchronize with Source Energy and Infinite Intelligence.

In This Episode Seth & I Discuss:

  • Harmonizing/synchronizing with Source Energy and Infinite Intelligence, and what comes from doing so
  • Activating your dormant energy centers and strengthening your muscles of perception
  • The benefits of allowing your human self to be influenced by the attributes of Source Energy, including heart-mind-body coherence
  • Breaking free from the limiting stories and identities
  • Experientially knowing yourself as an Infinite field of energy
  • Dissolving the appearance of the collective issues happening on the surface by allowing the greater aspects of you to be the solution – it’s YOU that is going to change the world

Our Guest: Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Seth Leaf Pruzansky Since birth and throughout the course of his life, Seth Leaf Pruzansky has consistently come to the realization that human perception is a secondary expression of our primary divine origins.
Seth has learned to masterfully articulate a set of experiential philosophies that enable individuals to move beyond the limitations of collective human consciousness and know themselves as a primary emanation of divine origin.
Seth is a self-published author of the book “The Fight to Enlight: Initiation through the heart is the only way to win”, a successful entrepreneur, performing musician, co-founder of,, and editor of the blog, a website devoted to globally awakening people to the power residing in their own consciousness.

Resources Mentioned:

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