This Is Your Higher Purpose Here

All of the dysfunction and suffering taking place on our planet today is the result of belief in separation. This manifests as all of the fear-induced behaviour that isn’t in alignment with goodness, Oneness, and love.

You’ve come here to dissolve these illusion and usher in a new way of being. You are a Wayshower, here to lead us into a more harmonious, expansive, and prosperous experience. This is your Higher Purpose.

How to SHIFT Your Experience of Reality [VIDEO] In understanding how your physical reality operates in response to your ability as a Creator Being, you may take leverage this power to shift your experience of reality. This is how you shift your state to shift your reality. IN THIS VIDEO YOU WILL LEARN: how your physical reality is a school and a …

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Create Your Reality with The Two Forces of Creation [with Video]

One’s power to create, is found at the crossroads of the forces of creation: the active force (yang energy) and the receptive force (yin). Understanding how the union, interplay, and balance of these two forces come together to invoke creation/experience is essential in activating your power as a Creator Being. Direction with Intention Thought and …

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