Tapping into the Power of “Nobody” to Live a Better Balanced Life with J.A. Plosker | Awaken Ep. 35

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In this episode of Awaken, I’m joined by… nobody. Except it’s not just anybody nobody, it’s a nobody being an amazing somebody. I hope everybody is excited for this.
J.A. Plosker is an intuitive coach and consultant, and teaches of a power that can be tapped into in being “nobody”. While the term “nobody” can certainly have a negative connotation to it, this is everything but that. This isn’t about denying that you are somebody, this is about a way of being that will support you in being the somebody that you wish to be. This is about integrating the nobody with the somebody, to live a life of greater joy, flow, fulfillment, and balance; the Nobody Life.
Tune in to this episode of Awaken to learn how.

In This Episode J.A. & I Discuss:

  • why being “nobody” might just be the highest you can be
  • tapping into the power of your “nobody” and integrating it with your “somebody”
  • the importance in being able to flow, the ability to change/shift, and the willingness to explore
  • noticing sensations in the body as a sign you are coming out of balance
  • the magic in creating a “still-point” to allow for things/inspiration to come to you.
  • techniques for practicing mindfulness, and J.A’s experience with mindfulness helping him dramatically improve his anxiety and productivity

Our Guest: J.A. Plosker

J.A. Plosker began his mindfulness journey with a simple technique he learned after a chance encounter with a person who would become his teacher of personal and spiritual growth for over two decades. That practice changed his life and started him on a mission to help others get in touch with the power of awareness and ancient wisdom in everyday life. His two multi-award-winning books, The Nobody Bible: Uncovering the Simple Wisdom in Ordinary Life and the novel, An Audible Silence, try to bring important principles of growth down from the clouds and into the practical world where – hopefully – they can help people around the world, right now.
In addition, J. A. and his wife, Melissa, created NobodyLife.com to help people find the balance between their Somebody and Nobody sides, and to experience greater simplicity, clarity, and mindfulness. A former attorney, social work counselor, and instructor of comparative religion and philosophy, J. A. is now a coach, writer, and teacher who has appeared on many stages (including TEDx) and in many trainings, sharing about ancient wisdom, mindfulness, and the power of being nobody.

Resources Mentioned:

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