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The Catalyst for Activating
Your Higher Purpose

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The 3 Activations

Activation 1:
Your Flow State

In allowing your flow state, you will become attuned to higher inspiration, and will move with a sense of naturalness and ease in your purpose.

Activation 2:
Your Highest Vision

Tune into your highest vision, the vision of self and reality in which you are experiencing the greatest sense of fulfillment and abundance available to you.

Activation 3:
Your Greatest Gift

There's a gift within you waiting to be unlocked, it's your your greatest gift. And you're already who and where you need to be to begin giving it.

Host: Bryan M. Henry

Bryan is the Founder of The Ascend Academy and creator of The Activation Process. On a mission to serve the rise in the collective consciousness, he has gone full-time with his purpose of uniting and activating lightworkers.

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