This is The Foundation For Creating Change

This is The Foundation For Creating Change

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The foundation is the internal state of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.
What you are experiencing internally, is reflected back to you in your external experience of reality. There is a deeper metaphysical understanding as to why this is, but for today, let’s keep it a bit more practical.
The state of belief that you are operating in, and how you are feeling emotionally, is inherently playing into how you are expressing yourself in the world. 
The individual who is thinking expansively and is believing in their own ability, is far more likely to take the action that aligns with the experience they wish to have and life they wish to live. If we are having a hard time believing that our efforts will be fruitful, we become less likely to take those necessary step towards the fulfillment of what we desire. Motivation is a by-product of alignment and empowered thinking, inaction/stagnation is rooted in limiting beliefs and lack of clarity (which too is also rooted in limiting belief).
Fortunately for us, the contents of our mind and our belief systems are within our domain of control. Cultivating a mindset that serves us is a practice, and something that we are ALL capable of doing. With focus, commitment, and intention we can reprogram our minds.
This begins with cultivating a sense of innate worthiness and wanting better for yourself. You don’t need to do anything to deserve better, you just do. You will however likely have to do something to allow yourself better: the inner work of healing all that keeps you from feeling deserving, and from loving all that you are.
Make this commitment to yourself. Whether you are yet to feel confident that you can change, that your life can change, does not need to mean that you don’t at least try. If you are still in a place of strong limiting belief, you’ll likely find yourself coming up against of internal resistance in setting out to change. The parts of us that feel comfortable in what we’ve grown to know, gets uncomfortably triggered when we begin to truly consider stepping outside of our boundaries into something new. But as you’ve likely experienced for yourself, it’s usually outside of the boundaries of our comfort zone that we endure the greatest amount of growth – and fulfillment comes from growth.
See that’s the beautiful thing about this all. Somewhere down the line we realize that it wasn’t nearly as much about that desired outcome as much as it was about the journey to it.  Our desires are there to inspire us to move, but truly the greatest gift we’ve been given is the opportunity to witness/experience ourselves grow.
This is the expansion into and remembrance of who we are as Infinite Potential.

The Inner Work For Change

If you’d like assistance through the process of inner work and subconscious reprogramming that will invoke in you a greater sense of innate self-worth, clarity of purpose, and confidence in your ability – the work that will provide the foundation from which you catapult your life – I invite you to book in for a complimentary 1-on-1 Alignment-Activation Session.

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If you believe you are one of the Souls that have come here to assist in Collective Ascension, we are looking for you..

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