The Integrity of Your Fields and Coming Into Your Mastery | The Arcturian Council

The Integrity of Your Fields and Coming Into Your Mastery | The Arcturian Council

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends?

Transcript below

The Arcturian Council:

It is important and special for you to maintain that true part of you, the essence which is the field that you reside within. Everything which you are, which has come together in this life, the components of you… this is what you are protecting. This what you are keeping together. You will protect this field at all costs when you realize the bounty on the other end… that which is the joy you seek… a thing you wish to put together, the maturity of the ascended process.

We are talking to you this way because we want you to explore the depths of yourself and realize the importance of that which you are. When you are in contact with others, hold yourself up. Do not decrease the integrity of who you are. Withstand the influence of others energy, energies, by investigating beforehand what you are entering into properly. And even when you cannot necessarily understand that which you are walking into, maintain that which you know you are through various means of clearing and bypassing the fields of others.

You motivate yourself with the knowledge of what is to come forward, so hold this knowledge as truth. Stop doubting it. Stop doubting who you are. Understand the privilege before you, that you have bestowed upon yourself, yourselves. You have overcome so much already as humans. You understand so much more now than you have previously understood about the truth about ET life on other planets and on your planet. You enjoy each other here because you in truth do not remember what it is like to vastly understand the universe. It is difficult for you to comprehend and perceive of the true joy when you relate too much to the old energies… the denser, heavier energies that kept you locked in the process of repeating again and again the same behaviors that you are comfortable with.

Now is the time for you to move beyond, jump forward, fast forward into this new Being, but not new… it’s the truth of who you are. You are this new thing already. You are merely re-integrating and incorporating the dormant DNA to understand that which you already are, and to be able to operate from his perspective. There is so much joy to come forth from this. There is so much movement to come forth from this. Move beyond the doubt of this.

You will figure out what is stalling you by incorporating the processes that you are learning, the clearing, the releasing, the fashioning yourself to understand what it is you’re moving toward. The opening up of your heart and learning to process from your heart-mind… embodying this. Activating your heart chakra and allowing all of this to merge together as one vehicle of motion, continuous motion, continuous processing and analyzing through joy, through love, through sight, clear sight. Through energy, operation of energy, movement of energy. These gifts will come forward and they are already coming forward. And they have come forward for many of you. And you will continue to grow them.

But most importantly, you will be infectious for humanity. Many are coming through the gate, but you often are not noticing and therefore remain pessimistic in your beliefs that humanity is not awakening. Choose. Choose to perceive the evidence that represents the healing and the awakening. It is there already. You are just used to looking in the direction of what is missing so that you can fill it. You think you must look in the direction of what is empty so that you can pour something into the emptiness. This is habitual. It’s a habit. You can now begin to understand that you may look at what is in the fullness and enjoy and revel in that and then use the magic of your energetic magnetism, preparation, frequency… to create balance and therefore more abundance for all.

This is a formula, a simple formula… a simple task of re-writing in your body the way that you see the nature of creation. We will [continue to] instill in you this process as time in your terms goes by. You must be an active component in receiving this, because by the nature of who you are, you are creating it for yourself. So we cannot impress it upon you if you are not calling it forward to yourself. We are here for support. You are coming into your mastery.

We are the Arcturian Council. We love you so very much.

End transmission.

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I am a Blue Ray integrated Arcturian Channel. The Activations that I create help humans access and unlock their Original Divine template, activating the dormant DNA strands. The codes are hidden in the messages that I channel, which are driven by the needs of the collective.

Blessings my friends?

Yolanda Marie

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